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Why Mongols do not like Turks?

Why Mongols do not like Turks?
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Why don’t the Mongols like the Turks? The Mongols always see the Turkish states as a rival and do not like them because they are too much trouble for the Turkish states. The other name of the Mongol empire is the empire of Genghis Khan. In fact, the real name of Genghis Khan, the founder of this state, is Timuçin. Mongols are people who generally harm their environment as a society. For this reason, it is not liked by many societies. And they are called barbarians.

Because of Temuçin’s achievements, he was named Genghis. He started to invade China by taking Karluk and civilized Turks under his rule. The Mongols crossed the Great Wall of China and burned down everywhere up to the China Sea. The confrontation of the Mongols with the Turks led to the elimination of the Khwarzemshahs and the removal of the Khwarzemshahs, which was a buffer zone between Anatolia and Anatolia, caused the Mongol raids to Anatolia.

Genghis Khan divided the country between his four sons before he died. After Genghis Khan died, new states were established by dividing the country among his four sons. Founded Mongol states:

  • Kublai Khanate The capital is Beijing, a state established in China. They dominated China. Adopted Christianity.
  • Chagatai Khanate: Adopted Christianity. During the Timur period, khans lost their authority.
  • Ilkhanid Khanate: They adopted Islam. It was founded by Hulagu Khan.
  • Golden Horde Khanate: Founded by Batu Khan. It was abolished by the Timur state.

Are the Mongols the Ancestors of the Turks?

Are the Mongols the ancestors of the Turks? Regarding the Mongols, there are often claims by different states that they are Turks. But there is no known proven data. In this sense, it would not be correct to say ancestor. Genghis Khan is known as a direct Mongol. Therefore, it will not be considered as his ancestor. The reason why Mongols do not like Turks can be a factor in political relations. After all, at that time, raids were organized to expand everyone’s lands and acquire new homelands. In this sense, Turks and Mongols are confronted with each other.

Why Did the Mongols and Turks Fight?

Why did the Mongols and Turks fight? Mongols and Turks, especially with the elimination of the Khwarzemshah state, the buffer zone between Turks and Anatolia disappeared. Taking advantage of this, the Mongols organized raids on Anatolia. The Turks had to fight against the Mongols in order to protect themselves from these attacks.

Due to the fact that they are barbaric tribes and looters in relation to the Mongols, different states often try to juxtapose them with the Turks. This does not reflect the truth in relation to real information. It is only perception operations related to the purpose of humiliating the species in the world public opinion. Mongols are mentioned in this sense. History can be changed again and again as new information is learned. Nothing in history can be claimed otherwise unless it is proven. History never has clear information at this point. As new information and new remains are found in history, different truths will emerge.

The origins of the Mongol state are also being investigated. As a precise information, discussions and researches are ongoing regarding whether it is an ancestor of the species or not. The Mongolian state is being researched a lot for this reason. The Mongol state and the Turks do not provide clear information about being from the same lineage. There are also many points where Turks have faced throughout history. Here, especially the most intense struggles occurred with the beginning of Turkish raids to Anatolia. As the Mongols began to pose a danger to Anatolia, Mongol-Turkish wars began. With the Timur state putting an end to the Mongols, the ground was prepared for the elimination of the Mongol danger for the Turks.

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