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Why does milk come from the baby’s nose? What should be done at that moment?

Why does milk come from the baby’s nose? What should be done at that moment?
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Milk coming from the nose of a newborn baby is frequently experienced. In response to the question, we can say that it is seen due to improper breastfeeding. But we can say that the baby’s milk coming from the nose is not something to be afraid of.

As a result of the mother not keeping the baby in the correct position during the breastfeeding phase, such a situation can be encountered. As a result of the mother breastfeeding the baby in the lying position, it causes milk to come from the baby’s nose. Therefore, it is important for mothers to hold the baby in a more correct position while breastfeeding.

How to prevent milk from coming out of the baby’s nose?

How to prevent milk coming out of the baby’s nose? It is investigated for mothers who see such a reaction in their baby from time to time. You can prevent the baby from getting milk from the nose and having difficulty breathing. Using the reflux mattress during breastfeeding will prevent milk from coming out of the baby’s nose. Because the structure of the reflux bed is in the form of a diket, there will be no problem in breastfeeding and the baby will be accustomed to it. The problems of milk coming from the nose that occur in babies from time to time will be easily prevented thanks to this way you will apply.

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Is Milk Coming from the Baby’s Nose Normal?

It is normal for milk to come out of the baby’s nose, which is more common in newborn babies. Because while one of the reasons why milk comes out of the baby’s nose is due to being in the wrong breastfeeding position, we should also say that there is nothing to worry about. It is common for milk to come out of the nose as a result of the mother’s milk leakage during breastfeeding. Therefore, we should say that milk coming out of the baby’s mouth from the nose is not a problem to be feared.

Why does milk come from the baby’s nose?

When the baby sucks on the mother’s breast, the baby vacuums the milk inside the mouth. Naturally, the baby’s suction causes a negative pressure system, which causes more milk to leak from the mother’s breast. As the milk from the mother’s breast escapes into the baby’s nasal area, it will cause milk to squirt out of the nose. Although it has not caused very serious problems, the repetition of this situation may become troublesome for the baby’s health after a while. This is because the milk that leaks into the ducts in the throat and is squirted back out may later reveal problems such as infection.

Milk coming from the baby’s nose while sleeping

If the baby sucks too much milk while breastfeeding, it can cause reactions such as milk coming out of the nose while sleeping. At the same time, if the mother breastfeeds the baby in the wrong position, she will have to suck in much more milk. Therefore, how to breastfeed the baby is one of the issues that mothers should pay attention to. If she is in the correct breastfeeding position, she will easily start to prevent such situations. When we come to how the correct breastfeeding should be:

  • When breastfeeding, the mother should be careful to keep her baby close.
  • She should place her baby on the inner part of the arm, positioning the head in the elbow space.
  • Then the back area should be supported by hand up to the buttocks. The baby’s whole body should be facing the mother. You can start breastfeeding after adjusting the baby so that the abdomen is belly to belly.
  • If you have difficulty adjusting your baby correctly in the breastfeeding position, you can also use the reflux bed.
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Milk coming from the nose of a breastfed baby

When it comes to breastfeeding your hungry baby, it will be important to breastfeed correctly. Because if you breastfeed incorrectly, milk will start coming from both the nose and the mouth. You should breastfeed carefully to avoid creating a dangerous situation for your baby.

Milk coming from the nose of a breastfed baby is not always a situation that can be seen. This can happen mostly due to the excess milk in the breast during breastfeeding. It also causes milk to come out of the nose and mouth from time to time in babies.

How many minutes should the baby be breastfed?

While the baby is sucking the milk, you need to apply everything about breastfeeding correctly so that the baby does not have to squirt the milk out of its nose afterwards. An important issue to be considered for mothers is how many minutes the baby should be breastfed at most. While it is appropriate to breastfeed the baby for 15-20 minutes in the early days, breastfeeding can be done at intervals of 1-2 hours in the following periods. Especially your baby who sleeps too much will be hungry more often. The ideal breastfeeding interval for sleeping babies is one to two hours.

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