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Why does groin pain occur after unprotected intercourse?

Why does groin pain occur after unprotected intercourse?
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“Why does groin pain occur after unprotected intercourse” issue; It is among the important sexual problems of women. Unprotected intercourse, that is, not taking birth control measures, can cause groin pain in women.

Pain in the groin genital area experienced after intercourse in women should never be underestimated. In case of pain after sexual intercourse, the person should definitely see a doctor. These pains can sometimes bring serious problems. We can say that there are many causes of groin pain after sexual intercourse. Groin pains experienced after sexual intercourse can sometimes develop due to serious patients, sometimes mild. It is necessary to investigate both psychological and physical factors of such pains very well.

Causes of Pain After Sexual Intercourse

“Causes of pain after sexual intercourse”; It can be caused by infectious or physical conditions. Especially the strain and irritation of the woman’s genital area during intercourse can cause pain in the groin. Groin pains that occur after intercourse can sometimes be very severe and sometimes mild. If the pain in the groin is felt mildly, it may not pose a problem in the health of the person. However, if the pain in the groin is severe, then the person should definitely see a doctor. In severe pain, emergency treatment methods are applied to the person.

Pain that occurs after sexual intercourse is usually seen in women. Pain after sexual intercourse; As mentioned above, it can be caused by psychological and physical problems. Causes of pain after sexual intercourse in general;

  • Orgasm,
  • Emotional response,
  • Penile penetration of the cervix,
  • Uterine fibroids,
  • Diagram spasm,
  • We can list conditions such as peristaltic motility on the digestive system.

Why does abdominal pain occur during sexual intercourse?

Within the scope of “Causes of abdominal pain during sexual intercourse”, two elements appear: Deep pain and superficial pain.

Deep Pain

In deep pain types, it is felt if the penis enters the vagina completely. If the muscles of the vagina are contracted and the penis cannot enter the vagina, the person has a disease that we will call vaginism.

Superficial Pain

We call the pain felt both at the entrance of the vagina and around it superficial pain. If the penis causes pain when entering the vagina and the person feels pain at the entrance of the vagina, this is referred to as superficial dyspareunia. At the same time, pain can be felt in the lower abdomen when the penis enters the vagina completely. We call this pain deep dyspareunia.

Joint pain after sexual intercourse

We can say that there are many reasons under joint pain after sexual intercourse. Especially the positions of couples during intercourse are the most important causes of joint pain. Different positions can cause couples to strain their back muscles. After the back muscles are strained, pain begins to occur in the person’s lower back. This kind of pain we mentioned is mostly experienced when there is no foreplay. In addition, hardness in the relationship is the main cause of such pain.

“What should be done to avoid joint pain after sexual intercourse” The position of the couples is of great importance. Couples should avoid positions that will cause pain during intercourse. Placing a pillow under the back during sexual intercourse greatly prevents the occurrence of pain afterwards. In general, this kind of pain is related to the couples being hard on each other.

Pain after orgasm in women

We can say that pain after orgasm in women is related to the strong experience of orgasm. After orgasm, these pains occur as a result of severe stimulation of the muscles around the vagina and the uterine wall. Severe contraction of the painful muscles can also cause pain after orgasm in women.

Pain after orgasm in men;

  • Epididymitis,
  • Inflammations related to the prostate,
  • Sexually transmitted diseases,
  • Inflammation of the testicles,
  • Many factors such as urinary tract infections can cause. The question “What causes groin pain in men after making love” depends on the factors mentioned above.


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