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Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur? What are the Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur? What are the Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?
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Erectile dysfunction is a condition that men suffer from. There are various treatment methods for this condition, which negatively affects sexual relations and bilateral affairs. Thanks to these treatments, it will make you feel happier by improving your quality of life.

Erectile dysfunction, which is a physiological problem that occurs in men due to various reasons during sexual intercourse, is a name given to impotence as a result of insufficient blood supply to the penis, which is the sexual organs of men.

The inability of men who cannot get an erection to reach satisfactory penile hardness also affects these people negatively in metal. If you are faced with erectile dysfunction that causes many marriages to end. You should consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible.

What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

As a result of the stimulation of the penis, which is the sexual organ, by the brain in direct proportion to the pleasure received during intercourse, the amount of blood in the blood vessels increases, making sexual intercourse possible by having the desired hardness. However, many men face erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse. The causes of erectile dysfunction can occur due to two different factors. The groups, which are divided into two as psychological and physiological factors, cause impotence, although they are caused by different reasons.

Physiological causes of erectile dysfunction are usually caused by not getting enough sleep or malnutrition. It is obvious that sleep is beneficial in many areas. Likewise, sleep is an important factor in penis maturity in men. If you have irregular sleep or an irregular diet, you will be more likely to encounter this problem.

At the same time, problems in people’s methane health negatively affect many situations and cause impotence. Among the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, the most common situation is that the person is under severe stress and when faced with anxiety or depression, this will cause erectile dysfunction. Especially considering that sexual desires depend on a mental function, any mental distress of the man will prevent the body functions from working correctly because it affects the brain.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

As we mentioned above, some diseases and physical problems in the male body cause impotence. The physical causes of erectile dysfunction can be requested as follows;

  • The presence of heart disease in the person
  • The person has blocked arteries
  • High levels of cholestorol
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Medicines used
  • Tobacco substance use
  • Peyroni’s disease
  • Alcohol and drug consumption
  • Sleep disorders
  • Treatment of prostate cancer or enlarged prostate gland
  • Surgeries or injuries affecting the pelvic area or spinal cord

What are the Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction?

Risk factors have an impact on the likelihood of some diseases occurring, affecting the occurrence of the disease before the expected time or at an unexpected time and triggering the disease. The risk factors that cause erectile dysfunction are as follows;

  • The age factor is as important in sexual intercourse in men as in women. The slowing down of body systems that occurs in people after a certain age is also seen in reproductive systems.
  • The person has diabetes or heart disease
  • Slowing the blood flow to the vessels with tobacco use
  • Significant weight gain
  • Methods and drugs used in prostate treatment
  • Damage to the nerves as a result of various factors
  • Stress, insomnia

If you reduce these risk factors as much as possible, you will see that the erectile dysfunction you experience will decrease accordingly.

How is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

As with all disorders, a specialist doctor’s examination is absolutely necessary for the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. Self-diagnosis of people will cause the problem to increase even more as it will negatively affect their psychology.

The doctor you apply for the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction will first perform a physical examination on you and ask a few questions about your medical history. At this point, although it is not fully finalized, it will apply some tests in order to have an idea about your problem and to determine exactly what the problem is. It is very important to apply these tests in different methods to determine the source of the problem, especially to determine the cause of the problem. The tests applied for erectile dysfunction are as follows;

  • During the physical examination, the doctor carefully examines the penis and stimulates the nerves with various instruments to determine how well the nerves are working.
  • Blood tests are used to check for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and low testosterone levels.
  • Urine tests determine whether there are signs of diabetes and whether diabetes is causing the problem.
  • An ultrasound performed by a specialist evaluates the amount of blood flow in the testicles to determine whether blood vessels are causing the problem.
  • If negative results are obtained from all physical tests, then a specialist psychiatrist is referred to a specialist psychiatrist and the source of the problem is found, considering that the person may be psychologically confronted with this problem. As a result of the psychological origin of the problem, it is not possible to apply a physical treatment. In this case, the psychiatrist seeks a solution to the problem with suggestion sessions and therapeutic drugs.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

As mentioned above, erectile dysfunction can occur in many men. In fact, almost every man may face this problem at some point in his life. If you are also facing this situation, there is no reason to be anxious. Although it is a common problem, the treatments are also quite numerous and easy.

The correct treatment to be applied to men with erectile dysfunction is determined under the supervision of a doctor and depending on the source of the problem and is applied for a regular period of time. Especially drug treatments should be continued regularly for a long time.

In erectile dysfunction treatment methods, if the problem is caused by a chronic problem such as diabetes or heart disease, then first of all, a treatment is started to be applied to eliminate the factor. With the elimination of the factor, the erectile dysfunction will also disappear.

If the problem is caused by sleep disorder, in this case, the problem is eliminated by increasing the quality of life of the individual with a number of medications that will provide sleep patterns. If the problem is caused by a problem in the nerves or blood vessels, then medication will be used in the treatment method to be applied by the doctor. Consuming the medication prescribed by the doctor at the times and duration recommended by the doctor will ensure that your problem will disappear in a short time. However, in cases where medications do not help, patients are provided with the use of implants or pumps for the treatment of penile erection problem.

Medicines Used in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

If the treatment of erectile dysfunction is to be done with medication, doctors prescribe some medications to eliminate this problem. Sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil are among the drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many drugs with this active ingredient are produced and offered to people by various companies. With the inclusion of one of these three active ingredients, the amount of blood flow to the penis is increased and the erectile dysfunction is treated. The most commonly used drugs in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, called erectile dysfunction, contain this internal active ingredient. However, it should not be forgotten that none of these drugs should be used without a doctor’s approval.







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