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Why does black vomiting occur?

Why does black vomiting occur?
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Vomiting black is a problem that should not be underestimated. Why do we vomit black? If your vomit is black in colour, there may be serious problems in your stomach. The possibility of stomach bleeding is very high at the beginning of these serious problems. When the blood meets bile in the stomach, its colour changes and turns into a mixture of black and brown colour. If you have intense nausea, the first question that should come to your mind is ‘when was the last time I ate? The answer to this question is very important. Even a dark-coloured food you have eaten can change the long colour of the vomiting. Do not forget that you may be having internal bleeding and you may be vomiting black as a result. Therefore, it is recommended that you urgently go to the nearest hospital, make an appointment with a doctor and get treatment.

Why Do I Vomit Black?

When bleeding occurs in the stomach or when enzymes break down the blood in the stomach, it is normal for it to turn a dark brown or black colour. In fact, the colour of the blood you vomit depends on how long it stays in your stomach. If you have difficulty vomiting, the colour of the vomit will be dark red, brown or jet black, depending on how long it has been in your stomach. The presence of clotted blood in the vomit indicates that the vomit has been in your stomach for a long time. If you continue to vomit bright red blood, this is an indication of severe bleeding. It can be life-threatening if not treated urgently.

Why do we vomit black? If the veins have burst or if the bleeding is actively continuing, you are very likely to vomit black or even bright blood. Among some causes of bleeding, rupture of the oesophagus is one of the possibilities. In fact, rupture of the oesophagus may cause prolonged vomiting or you may have a condition in your body that you have never known. For example, if you have a tumour or if your kidneys are very disturbed or if you consume excessive alcohol, all of these will cause bleeding in your body and therefore it is very likely that you will vomit black. Even so much so that sometimes even the herbal supplements you use can cause black vomiting if used incorrectly. Because it is very likely to cause an unknown bleeding in your body. The medicines you take and the herbal supplements you use can affect each other in the opposite direction and bleeding may begin in your body. As a result of these bleeding, it is possible to vomit either brown, coffee grounds colour or jet black.

If you feel dizzy, start breathing fast or have visual impairment when you vomit bloody vomit, you should go to the nearest health centre. Your stomach will burn while vomiting black and you may feel the need to drink water, but you should never do this. You should not take not only water but even any medicine from your mouth. Because it has not yet been determined how much blood you have lost or what kind of damage you have.

What is the treatment for black vomiting?

As mentioned above, bleeding can have many causes. Therefore, you should go to the nearest health centre and tell your doctor about your condition. Your doctor will perform an endoscopy. This is because the endoscopy intervention will detect damage to your stomach, then the cause of the bleeding will be found and your doctor will decide what treatment should be applied. Depending on the cause of the bleeding and how much blood you have lost, surgery or medication may be used.

The treatment of black vomiting will depend on the reason why you vomit black. In such cases, even a blood transfusion can be performed if necessary. Black vomiting is especially common in people with high alcohol consumption. It can even turn into cirrhosis as a result of so much use. Even if the bleeding stops, internal bleeding may continue. The patient should be treated as quickly as possible.


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