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Why Does Belly Button Redness Occur?

Why Does Belly Button Redness Occur?
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Redness in the navel can be the cause of an important infection, inflammation. The navel is an area that needs to be kept clean in the body, unless it is kept clean, inflammation can start and this inflammation can lead to different important and dangerous diseases. Causes vary from person to person. Redness in the navel is not an insignificant and abused discomfort, and if the redness is not treated in time, it can cause cysts, hernias or disorders that require surgical intervention in the navel. So, what are the causes of belly button redness?

What are the Causes of Belly Button Redness?

During the day, the belly button remains moist due to excess sweat and bacterial formation begins in the moist area. During the formation of bacteria, redness occurs in the belly button. Body hygiene and personal hygiene are very important. If personal hygiene is not paid attention, hygienic substances are not used during bathing, if the navel is not cleaned, there is a possibility of bacteria formation in the navel and the navel becomes red.

The area where most bacteria accumulate in the body is the hands. If we touch the belly button without paying attention to the cleanliness of the hands, this situation causes the formation of bacteria in the belly button and redness occurs again from the belly button. Accessories worn on the body are very important in terms of cleanliness, especially the navel piercing. It is important to wear the navel piercing in what kind of environment and using what kind of materials. The environment and materials must be sterile, otherwise redness can be observed in the belly button.

Frequent entry to the sea or pool increases the likelihood of redness in the belly button with the germs caught from there. While the causes of belly button redness are like this, how is the treatment of belly button redness?

What are the Treatment and Methods of Belly Button Redness?

Firstly, the cause of the redness of the belly button should be found. If it is thought to be inflammation, there are some easy treatments that can be done at home. Olive oil can be poured on a piece of cotton wool and kept for 1-2 minutes and then kept in the belly button for 1-2 minutes. As another home treatment method, 1-2 drops of spirit can be dripped on cotton and the navel can be cleaned once a day.

Another treatment method is to remove the gel in the Aloe Vera leaf and apply it to the reddened area in the belly button, wait until it dries and clean it. Clean and hygienic materials should always be used in any treatment applied at home. If there is no change as a result of these home treatment methods, it is necessary to go to the doctor without losing time. The doctor will understand the cause of the rash and start treatment with antibiotics accordingly.

What are the Causes of Itching and Redness in the Navel?

There may be different symptoms from the factors that cause belly button itching and redness. For example, redness and itching occurs due to skin irritation and swelling occurs in this area. It can also cause flaky white dead skin shedding in this area. The cause of this itching and redness can also be yeast infections.

Belly Button Inflammation and Redness

The navel is an area where bacteria and fungi can multiply very easily. For this reason, the possibility of navel inflammation and redness is very high.

What are the consequences of belly button inflammation?

Umbilical inflammation is easy to treat if it is detected early, but if the detection process is late, it may cause umbilical fall or umbilical hernia.

What are the Symptoms of Belly Button Inflammation?

We can see umbilical inflammation visually, it is necessary to be sure of the symptoms and consequences before applying treatment. Symptoms of umbilical inflammation are as follows:

  • Odour in the navel
  • Inflammation from the navel
  • Redness and very intense itching in the navel
  • Pain and swelling of the navel

What are the Causes of Belly Button Inflammation?

It is a favourable area for bacteria to settle and multiply very easily. In order for bacteria to reproduce in the belly button, they must somehow be transported here. We can do this most easily by touching it with our hands.

Reduced frequency of showering and personal hygiene can cause bacteria to multiply and cause inflammation. Excessive sweating makes this area moist and causes bacteria to multiply easily and quickly and cause inflammation. Although the causes of belly button inflammation are in this way, it also requires being very meticulous.

What are the Care Methods of Belly Button Inflammation?

There are only two methods of care for umbilical inflammation and they do not require any difficulty.

Home Care

Navel infection can be easily treated at home with hot salt water. Salt completely removes moisture from the area and accelerates blood circulation and cleans and disinfects this area by acting as a disinfectant.

Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties such as preventing fungus and passing inflammation. You can mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and olive oil and apply it to the inflamed and reddened belly button and its surroundings with cotton wool.

Medical Care

Depending on the condition of the inflammation, the doctor will prescribe medication. In moderate and minor inflammations, treatment is done with cream or antibiotics, but in advanced inflammation that spreads to internal organs, surgery may be required.


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