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Why does a lung-like piece come during menstruation?

Why does a lung-like piece come during menstruation?
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The question of why a lung-like piece comes during menstruation is wondered by many women who experience menstrual period. In fact, although it is normal to see clots during menstruation, the increase in this clotting and the painful menstrual period may cause some problems. For this, it would be right to visit specialised physicians in the field.

This piece, which looks like a piece of meat in very intense bleeding, but is actually a clot, is explained as the body’s defence against menstruation. During the menstrual period, which lasts for an average of 5-6 days, some systems that are defended in order to prevent the body from losing too much blood cause the blood to be thrown as a clot. However, the fact that this is intense and painful increases the possibility of a problem.

Causes of blood clot formation during menstruation

Some women during menstruation complain of intense clot formation and investigate the causes of this condition. Among the reasons for the formation of blood clots during menstruation, there are certain situations that should be taken into consideration as well as the body’s defence. Some of these can be explained as follows:

  • Fibroids in the uterus
  • Uterine polyps
  • Endometriosis caused by thickening and enlargement of the uterus
  • Side effects of the medicines used
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome

For these reasons listed, menstrual blood coming in the form of clots causes concern. Although very rare, it is also seen that blood comes in the form of clots in cases of uterine cancer and miscarriage. It is recommended to be examined without delay and to apply the relevant treatment.

Clotted bleeding during pregnancy

Clotted bleeding during pregnancy is also characterised as a frequently encountered condition. Some pregnant women experience bleeding in the first weeks of pregnancy and see that this bleeding is in the form of clots. Some problems can also be observed in these bleeding seen as a result of the embryo settling in the uterus.

Conditions such as miscarriage, implantation bleeding, molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy and infection cause bleeding during pregnancy and this bleeding comes in the form of clots. It is recommended that you visit your doctor to avoid a serious health problem. Otherwise, the health of both the baby and the mother will be in danger.

How Does Clotted Bleeding Pass During Menstruation?

In the medical world, every problem has both permanent and temporary solutions. When it comes to clotted bleeding during menstruation, the question of how clotted bleeding passes during menstruation is wondered and researched. It will be very difficult to find a clear answer on the internet. Therefore, it is useful to go to the nearest health institution.

Firstly, as a result of the examination, it should be discussed why the problem is caused and what solutions can be applied. As a result of the examination, appropriate treatment methods will be offered depending on the severity of the condition. However, if there is nothing serious, you can follow the process more consciously by learning the necessary information from your doctor and the situations you should pay attention to.

Is the blood clot during menstruation solved with herbal method?

Herbal solutions during menstruation are among the solution suggestions that many women are closely interested in. Although bleeding in the form of clots causes most people to be concerned, a certain segment also thinks that this can be treated in herbal ways. At this point, there are some plant suggestions that can be consumed during menstruation.

You can consume many herbal teas to relieve menstrual pain or bleeding. However, when it comes to clotted blood, you should definitely consult a specialist doctor instead of ignoring this situation. Because there may be many health problems that can cause blood clotting.

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