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Why Do Babies’ Tummy Rumble?

Why Do Babies’ Tummy Rumble?
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If you are a new parent, the sounds coming from your baby’s stomach may worry you. These tummy rumblings in babies are extremely common. It does not indicate a health problem, but you should still consult your doctor. Abdominal rumblings are common. These rumblings start from the moment of birth and do not cause any pain or discomfort. These sounds that we think come from the stomach actually come from the gut. This is because when the baby is hungry, the digestive system starts the food preparation process. That’s why we hear gut sounds when the baby is hungry, but these sounds don’t mean your baby is always hungry. Sometimes, such sounds can be heard because breast milk or the formula that the baby consumes strains the digestive system of the baby.

These sounds do not mean that your baby is hurting or hungry. Another reason for a baby’s tummy rumbling is gas. Since the digestive system does not work fully, it is also difficult to remove gas, and therefore there is rumbling, but when there is excessive gas pain; starts to cry. Swelling may also occur in the abdomen. If you encounter such a situation, what you should do is to massage your back and abdomen.

Causes of Abdominal Grumping in Babies?

While the baby is drinking milk or sucking, the stomach may rumble due to air bubbles entering his mouth. Another reason for tummy rumbling in babies can be a large nipple. Because your baby has to eat fast because of this and causes him to swallow air. That’s why rumbling may begin.

If milk goes into the baby’s stomach, that is, if he has to drink fast milk quickly, it may cause cramps in your baby’s stomach. When the mother is overly stressed, the baby’s intestines can become stressed and cause gas. In extremely noisy environments or as a result of more than one person touching the baby in the name of loving the baby, your baby will become restless and we may see rumbling as a result.

When he switches to solid food, the baby needs time to get used to it because he needs to digest the food he eats and even needs to save some of it. It is normal for the baby to produce gas during this period. When the baby comes out of the mother’s womb, there is a world to get used to. This is why babies who cry often cause air to get into their digestive systems. Therefore, their stomachs are compressed and rumbling may occur.

What Are the Symptoms of Gas Pain in Babies?

Babies can develop gas in their bodies because they swallow air while eating or crying. Babies can have many symptoms of gas pain. Now let’s examine a few symptoms of gas pains:

  • Swelling is seen in the abdomen because it is difficult to pass gas
  • Frequent burping
  • Saliva
  • He starts hiccuping as he swallows air.
  • Unrest begins due to swelling in the abdomen
  • Crying crises may begin due to this uneasiness.

As we mentioned above, there are many symptoms you can experience. However, as a mother, you should never stress and focus entirely on the child. When you say you should focus on the child, you should focus on how you can produce solutions instead of worrying about his crying. Because any stress you experience will cause these symptoms in the child to experience more severely and you will never be in an inextricable situation. That’s why you should keep your calm no matter what, but you should not forget to get support from your doctor. Your own doctor will always give you the best help and the right solution.

The people around you will want to help you and they will come to you in many ways. But you can also harm your child when you apply a method that you do not know. If you do not want to encounter such a situation, consult your doctor when there is a situation that you cannot overcome. Always try to keep yourself strong psychologically. You can even get help from a psychologist in this process if necessary. Because although it is not accepted, 0-1 year old baby is the most difficult period for the mother.

How is the Treatment of Abdominal Rumbling in Babies?

Try to burp for 5 minutes between breastfeeding and feeding times. This is the simplest way to cure stomach rumbling. Because every baby can swallow air while feeding. If your baby is bottle-fed, you need to choose the bottle tip correctly. Otherwise, the child may swallow air while sucking, and the restlessness may increase.

One of the most effective methods for the treatment of stomach rumbling in babies is the massage method. You have to be very careful while doing this. Because your baby’s skin is very sensitive. That’s why you need to apply pressure with circular movements, lightly stroking his belly. In this way, your baby will easily pass gas, and both restlessness and crying attacks will pass.

You can use natural vegetable oils, but you should consult your doctor before using it. Because your baby’s skin is sensitive, it may show an allergic reaction. Don’t take your eyes off when you want to make eyebrows.

The baby also feels the stress experienced by the mother during the day psychologically, and as a result, she may experience the problem we call intestinal stress. The mother should pay attention to the food she eats first. It is recommended that you stay away from foods that are likely to cause gas and eat more vegetables, dear mothers. In this way, you will reduce the possibility of gassing when your baby drinks your milk. But you should also note that your baby should not be allergic to milk. If your baby has a milk allergy and lactose intolerance, then the swelling and rumbling in your baby will increase day by day.

If you want to reduce tummy rumbling in babies, another factor is, of course, the sleep pattern. You and your baby need to maintain your sleep patterns at the same time. A good sleep will always make you healthier and your baby more peaceful. Consult your doctor if you encounter a difficult situation.


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