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What to do if there is no lens water?

What to do if there is no lens water?
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The question of what to do if there is no lens water is a very curious and frequently asked question by some people. When you do not have lens water, your lenses can dry out and deteriorate. You need lens water very much to use your lens water for a long time. Your lenses need to be disinfected and washed every day so that you can use them properly and healthily.

But if you have run out of lens water and you are unable to get it at that moment, put ready water up to half of a glass, then put the glass in the cupboard and let it wait there until you get lens water. But you need to remove the lens you put in a short time. Fungus and other infectious bacteria can form in your lens that stays too long in normal water.

Also, water changes the shape of your lenses. When you wear lenses that are in too much water, your eyes can get infected. Or when you change your lenses, it may cause them to stick to your eyes.

What Does Lens Water Do?

Lens water is usually used to clean the lenses. Sometimes it is also used to prevent disinfection and germs. Lenses used for a long time should be put in lens water afterwards. It is also used to rinse the lenses after disinfecting in the solution.

The question of whether crying damages the lens is a very curious question. Normally this can be uncomfortable but of course it is not dangerous. But you should not rub your eyes while crying. Because when you rub, you can damage the lenses.

How to Use Lens Water?

The question of how to use lens water is quite simple. The doctor or pharmacy where you buy the lens you will use has already told you about them. Do not buy lenses from anywhere without consulting a connoisseur. Because lenses are things that get germs quickly. The lens we use can damage our eyes. You need to put your lenses in water every day before going to bed. When putting the lens back on, your hands should be clean to prevent infection of your eye.

The life of lens water is up to 7 days. But if you are not going to change the lens constantly and do not open the mouth. The water of daily and continuously used lenses should be changed every day. Unless you change it, it can get infected.

What is a Lens?

Lenses are usually used for severe myopia and eye disorders. Now, if our eye degree increases more, the lens becomes thicker. For this, people wear lenses because they are uncomfortable. Apart from that, there are colored lenses worn for pleasure. These lenses cause our eye color to change. We recommend that you buy the lenses you will use from the pharmacy. Lenses sold under the stairs can be harmful. Lenses are divided into 2 types. These are;

  • Contact lens
  • Colored contact lens

What is a Contact Lens?

Contact lenses are often used for eye disorders. This lens is especially used for severe myopia. Because the lenses are too thick for advanced myopia. This can make people uncomfortable. The contact lens is an optical lens. This lens is made of a flexible material. It is not noticeable unless you look very closely at the eye. Contact lenses were manufactured in France in 1887. The first lenses made were made of glass. As time passed, the structure and construction of the lenses changed.

Such lenses cannot be used except on doctor’s advice. They can stay in the eye for a long time. The life of the lenses is 1 month. It cannot be used after that period. It can stay in the eye between 1 and 30 days. It does not harm the eye. There is no decrease or increase in your eye number while wearing contact lenses. If your eye degree increases after using contact lenses, this is a problem with your eye. We prefer you to consult your doctor when you feel something like this.

What are Colored Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lenses are usually used for cosmetics. It helps to change the color of the eye, even if it is temporary. These lenses are softer and non-graded. But there are colored graduated contact lenses that are used in color. Anyone who wants to change their eye color can use these lenses.

Colored contact lenses can damage the eye if used uncontrollably. This damage can even lead to loss of vision. You need to use the lens you use very carefully and cleanly. You should disinfect it frequently. Do not rub your eye when you have a lens in your eye. The lens in the rubbed eye can slide up and enter through the eyelid.

If you want to use your lens for a long time, you need to put it in lens water every day. Thus, your lens will last longer. The duration of colored contact lenses is up to 1 year if used cleanly. This depends entirely on your use.



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