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What is Passiflora? What are the Side Effects?

What is Passiflora? What are the Side Effects?
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What is Passiflora? What are the side effects? The questions are issues that are wondered by many people, especially in these periods when the consumption of medicines with natural ingredients has started to be prescribed frequently recently and the consumption of natural ingredients is important.

Passiflora is actually a medicine that is produced by everyone with passion flower. This flower is a type of vine that grows only in Central and South America. Passiflora, which is a very medicinal plant, has been frequently used in medicines used in medical methods in recent years.

This flower, which normally gives a very delicious flavor when added to meals or foods, is also used in supplementary drug groups. Passiflora supplements are mostly produced in syrup form and are sometimes sold in capsule or tablet options.

Passionflower, which is a very useful plant, is also used as a relaxant in addiction treatment, especially in cases such as alcohol or smoking addiction.

What Does Passiflora Medicine Do?

What does Passiflora medicine do? If we come to the answer to the question, it is a very useful plant in eliminating problems such as insomnia or mental distress seen in people, or in eliminating symptoms that occur in situations such as menstrual pain or menopause in women.

The syrup, tablet or capsule medicines obtained from this plant are not antidepressants, but eliminate the distress and tension experienced by people with natural methods.

What are the Benefits of Passiflora Syrup?

Especially those who hear the name of this drug for the first time are doing a detailed research on the benefits of passiflora syrup. Passiflora syrup benefits It is a drug that is used to eliminate stress and tension or irritability that occurs especially during menstrual periods or menopause periods, or to regulate emotions such as stress, restlessness, anxiety or sadness that are normally seen in individuals.

In addition to these, it also appears as an auxiliary product in the treatment of symptoms seen after sleep disorders as well as the effect of quitting alcohol in a short time in people with alcohol addiction.

The use of passiflora as tea also provides significant benefits. At this point, especially the fact that it is good for pain causes people who experience severe menstrual pain or headaches to consume teas obtained from this plant. In addition, this plant improves skin problems, helps to quit smoking, reduces menopausal symptoms, and lowers high blood pressure,

What are the Terms of Use for Passiflora?

For the conditions of use of Passiflora, especially for people using this medicine for the first time, the information contained in the Passiflora package insert must be read completely and the drug must be used according to the recommendations.

The dosage and duration of use of the drug should be in the amount recommended by the doctor, and generally the recommended use is indicated as suitable for all children from the age of 4. Children between 4 and 10 years of age are recommended to give only 1 scale per day just before a meal. When this medicine is used for the treatment of sleep disorders in children aged 11 years and over and adults, 2 scales should be taken just before sleep and 2 scales should be taken before a meal when used for its calming effect.

At this point, considering that overdose may cause negative effects, it is necessary to be careful not to overdose, especially when used in young children. When doses are forgotten or missed, it is very important not to take 2 doses in a row.

Passiflora Passionflower Plant


What are the side effects of Passiflora?

What are the side effects of Passiflora? The question is among the most researched topics, especially by people who will use the drug for the first time or people who are faced with some symptoms. Since its raw material is a plant, it is possible that some side effects of this drug may occur, especially in allergenic conditions.

Basically, allergic reactions may occur in people who are allergic to the passionflower plant contained in it if this syrup is consumed, and in this case, people should consult the nearest health institution as soon as possible.

Among the side effects of Passiflora syrup, it is possible to mention that generally there are no serious side effects and only allergenic effects are seen. At the same time, some side effects can be seen when circulated or misused. In case of overdose, the side effects seen can be listed as follows;

  • Confusion,
  • Dizziness
  • Temporary loss of consciousness,
  • Inflammation of the veins,
  • Irregular muscle aches.

In case of these side effects, the use of the drug should be discontinued immediately and the nearest health institution should be consulted. Otherwise, it may cause poisoning and death as they occur due to overdose.

Apart from these side effects, there is no harm if the passionflower plant and the drugs obtained from this plant are used in the recommended amount, but as we have mentioned above, it has many benefits.

Is Passiflora Syrup Used During Pregnancy?

Especially during the pregnancy period, since the babies take all kinds of products entering the mother’s body into their own bodies, the use of medication is not recommended in order not to adversely affect the development during this period.

Especially women who experience stress and anxiety in this process wonder whether they can use passiflora syrup since antidepressant drugs are not used and is passiflora syrup used during pregnancy? They are searching for the answer to the question.

At this point, women who are not allergic to the passiflora plant should consult their doctors to find out whether they can use passiflora syrup to eliminate the problem of stress and insomnia and start using it in line with the doctor’s recommendation. If it is not approved by the doctor, it is very important not to use it and to use excess doses while using it.

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