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What is Heel Spur? Comments from the Breakers

What is Heel Spur? Comments from the Breakers
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What is heel spur? If the question of what a heel spur is is answered first; Heel spur is a very painful and important discomfort that occurs for various reasons on the soles of people’s feet. While this discomfort, which many people may encounter, makes people very uncomfortable with a stinging sensation as soon as the heel touches the ground, especially when it is felt most acutely, it is the first steps after getting up in the morning.

The reason for the occurrence of heel spurs is the accumulation of calcium in the lower part of the heel bone. This accumulated calcium causes a bony protrusion in the heel area and while this protrusion is called heel spur, it can seriously disturb people and prevent them from walking.

The appearance and formation of the heel spur can be easily detected by X-ray, but it can also be seen in people in a very small size and in a degree that cannot be seen on X-ray, which again causes uncomfortable pain. This condition, which manifests itself as an inflammation of the tissue band in the heel bone, can also develop behind the heel due to inflammation of the Achilles tendon.

Today, there are many treatment methods for people with this condition within the scope of developing technology and medical possibilities, and people can get rid of this heel spur discomfort to a great extent. One of these is ESWT, which is one of the most preferred and most effective methods especially for people with this condition today.

This heel spur removal operation, which draws attention as a physical therapy method applied to people without the need for surgery with a device and application head that transmits shock waves, breaks the structure formed in the heel with pressure waves and provides a permanent recovery of up to 85 percent of people.

People who have heel spur discomfort and want to get rid of this health problem without surgery and in the easiest way, especially this heel spur breaking treatment method we mentioned, try to have information about this treatment method and especially wonder about the comments of people who have had this treatment.

While the comments of those who have heel spurs broken are very positive, especially by those who receive this treatment method from a specialist and experienced doctor in the field, they express that thanks to this treatment method, they get rid of this health problem both in a very short time and painlessly, painlessly and most importantly without surgery.

Although there are also comments saying that the treatment applied in it is unsuccessful and those who think that this treatment does not work, a very large number of people say that they get very good results with the right doctor’s choice, while the comments “I got rid of the heel spur” with this treatment are also quite high.

Symptoms of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are a very uncomfortable disease that significantly affects people’s quality of life. Although this problem causes various symptoms in people, the first thing that is encountered is severe pain, especially when taking the first steps in the morning. Although this pain decreases during the day, it can continue throughout the day as long as the person is on their feet, which greatly affects the quality of life of the person during the day. This problem, which is more common after middle age, can also occur in young people and is usually caused by walking for a long time in sneakers with unsuitable soles, various rheumatic diseases, obesity, pregnancy and chronic traumas.

In particular, the symptoms of heel spurs vary depending on whether people pay attention to this situation and the severity of the situation, while pressing on the heel spur for a long time during the day can cause much more serious pain and pain if you have this condition. Symptoms of heel spurs include the following;

  • Inflammation in the heel
  • Swelling in the heel
  • Quite a lot of pain in the sensation of a knife cut in the heels of people at the first step after getting out of bed in the morning
  • Intermittent pain while standing during the day
  • Bone-like hard protrusion that occurs under the heel
  • Tenderness in the heel that makes walking difficult

In addition to all these symptoms, heel spurs can be seen even if no symptoms occur in people.

What is Good for Heel Spurs?

People who struggle with heel spurs are especially curious about how they can get rid of this health problem, the treatment methods and applications that can be applied for heel spurs today, and for this reason, what is good for heel spurs? They are looking for an answer to the question.

Today, there are many different treatment methods in the medical field in order to eliminate the heel spur problem and these methods provide very effective results for the treatment of heel spurs. Thanks to the methods developed for this discomfort, which significantly affects the quality of life of people, people get positive results after the treatment process, which varies according to the treatment method applied, and they state the effect of these treatments with their comments on various forums or sites.

One of the most preferred methods for the treatment of heel spurs today and one of the most positive results is ESWT, i.e. heel spur removal operation. This operation is an effective method that solves the heel spur with a shock wave applied with a device to the foot area where the heel spur occurs.

This heel spur breaking, which enables the elimination of this structure that occurs in the heels of people without any surgery and a long process, breaks the hard structure in the heels of people by sending shock waves and thus provides permanent improvement up to 85 percent.

The number of people who get rid of the heel spur problem by choosing this treatment method is quite high. For this reason, while the reviews of this treatment are mostly positive, it is also very guiding and insightful for those who want to try this treatment method, and positive results can be obtained by using a specialist doctor for this treatment method. In addition to this method, the other most common heel spur treatment methods, especially today, are as follows;

  • Heel Spur Insoles
  • Heel Spur Exercises
  • Heel Spur Surgery
  • Heel Spur Needle Treatment
  • Heel Spur Removal

Heel Spur Removal Price 2022

The price of heel spur removal in 2022 is one of the most curious issues, especially for people struggling with heel spurs. Especially people who hear about the success of this treatment and want to get rid of the heel spur with this treatment, while researching the prices of this treatment, it is not possible to give a clear price for this treatment.

The heel spur removal operation is performed in the form of sessions and continues until a positive result is obtained. For this reason, while the session in which people are treated is very decisive in terms of price, the prices offered by the specialist doctor, hospital and clinic to be served also vary. For this reason, people should get price information by contacting the place where they will receive service for this treatment.

Reviews of Heel Spur Breakers

  • “I got rid of the heel spur two years ago with ESWT treatment. The number of sessions varied from person to person, I had 5 sessions and it was completely gone. I think this is the only permanent solution. Get well soon.”
  • “This problem can be solved with 5-10 sessions of treatment with ESWT in line with the recommendation of the physical therapy specialist doctor.”
  • “Friends, I was examined in a private hospital. The orthopedic doctor referred me to physical therapy for ESWT. As you said, I could not step on the foot when I got up in the morning, walked for a long time and sat down. It had pushed me a lot for 5-6 months, thank God it passed with ESWT treatment, now I am better and I am walking painlessly.”
  • “I experienced the heel spur very badly. I had ESWT treatment for 4 sessions and the pain did not go away.”
  • “My mother has a heel spur that has not gone away no matter what we have tried for years. We are considering this ESTW treatment.”
  • “I struggled with heel spurs for months. Thanks to my doctor, he sent me to physical therapy for heel spur removal. My treatment lasted about 7 sessions. But I have no problem now, I am completely free.”

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