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What is Galvus Met? What does it do?

What is Galvus Met? What does it do?
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What is Galvus Met? This is a medicine. This medicine is mostly used by diabetics. It is a type of medicine sold in blister packs containing 60, 120 and 180 film-coated tablets. Each film tablet contains 50 mg vildagliptin and 1000 mg metformin hydrochloride.

This medicine is generally used for diabetes type 2. There are quite a lot of diabetics in our country. Turkish society is a nation that is very fond of eating due to its tradition. Especially with people’s bad habits of not eating a balanced diet and sedentary life, the likelihood of people getting diabetes increases even more. For diabetes, it is possible for people to achieve quality of life by eating a balanced diet and paying attention to meal times. But it is not so easy for people to give up some habits. In this sense, it would be right to wage a total fight against diabetes in our country. Here, especially changing eating habits, organizing meals and taking 10000 steps daily reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

What Does Galvus Met Medicine Do?

What does Galvus met medicine do? This medicine is a medicine that should be used by people who experience discomfort due to diabetes. This medicine allows the person’s blood sugar to stabilize. Blood sugar rise or fall causes various discomfort in the person. Here, depending on the rise and fall of sugar in the person, various discomforts occur. Symptoms that may occur in the person due to diabetes:

  • The person may have a tremor, especially in the hands.
  • Chills The person may feel a feeling of chills.
  • Due to the increase in sugar, problems such as nausea and vomiting occur.
  • Feeling of weakness and fatigue
  • Blurred vision is counted among the problems experienced by the person.
  • It causes numbness and tingling sensation in the feet and hands.
  • In case of any injury to the person, the wounds heal later than normal.
  • There is dryness and itching of the skin.
  • There is an odor in the mouth. This is not an odor like acetone.

How much is Galvus Met 1000?

Galvus met 1000 how many TL here the price of this medicine is 157 TL. This drug is covered free of charge by the state if the person has a report. Galvus Met drug is also issued a report by the state if the person has diabetes. If these medicines are prescribed, you can get these medicines free of charge.

You can also get this medicine for a fee if the person does not have a report. It is necessary to start the medicines with the doctor’s recommendation and complete their use with the doctor’s recommendation. Some people use these medicines unconsciously, especially because sugar medicines weaken them. This situation causes people to lose their health.

Does the Galvus Met Government Cover?

Does the government cover Galvus meth? In this case, the state covers this medicine under certain conditions. People who want to take the Galvus drug sugar medicine must have it prescribed. Sugar medicine has a balance of the body. With this balance, medication support may be needed for the person to recover in case of an increase and decrease in the person. This medicine is usually used for the onset of diabetes. Due to the further progression of this disease, people start to receive insulin injections. Insulin is among the medicines that a person can administer on their own. These injections are given in the arm or in the navel area.

Does Galvus Met Harm the Kidneys?

Does Galvus meth harm the kidneys? This medicine definitely does not harm the kidneys. You can use it with peace of mind because it does not harm. Do not use these medicines unconsciously. You should apply this medicine only under the supervision of a doctor and as recommended by the doctor. It is a known fact that all medicines are chemical. By realizing this here, in fact, every drug can have a harm at the point of the body.

The bodies of people with diabetes especially need water. Therefore, these people need to consume plenty of water. In addition to consuming plenty of water, light brisk walking is also very important for the health of the person.

We have to use medicines consciously. Because all of these medicines are likely to have side effects. For this reason, medicines should only be used in accordance with the dosage and conditions of use recommended by the doctor. If the person does not fulfill these factors, he may experience health problems from his kidneys. But it would not be a correct statement to say that this drug definitely harms the kidneys.

Which is the Most Weight-Loss Sugar Drug?

Which sugar medicine is the most slimming. For some people, these sugar medicines are also taken and used for weight loss. This is absolutely wrong. Only diabetics should use these medicines. If the doctor has prescribed it, they should use it. Unconscious drug use is quite common in our country. People use the medicines they hear from friends, work and family without consulting a doctor. It should be known that all of these drugs have a destructive effect for the body as well as having a constructive effect. For this reason, medication should not be used only with hearsay information. Here, the possibility of greater harm to you and your body should not be ignored. But in general, all sugar medications can cause weight loss in the person.

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