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What is Carbonated Water?

What is Carbonated Water?
Karbonatlı Su Nedir
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We can use carbonate in many areas of our lives. Sometimes it helps a cake to rise, sometimes it can be used in our dental care. But the important thing here is of course the amount of carbonate. Remember that baking soda is also a chemical substance. It is formed by combining acids with bases. Well, if you say what is carbonated water, the answer is a bit long because the carbonate you need to use to prepare carbonated water should not be the carbonate sold in the markets, so you should be careful that your carbonate is natural. In this case, the most reliable way is of course the English carbonate sold in pharmacies. When you add 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda to 1 liter of water, your carbonated water will be ready. You need to be careful in daily consumption. Consuming more than 2-3 glasses of carbonated water a day can be harmful to your body. Be sure to consult your doctor before consuming carbonated water.

Does Carbonated Water Work?

We need to use carbonated water very carefully, otherwise it is possible to have negative consequences. I seem to hear you ask if carbonated water is useless, the answer is simple, of course there is. One of these;

  • It is gas removal. When you force your stomach, that is, in excessive consumption of spices or bitter consumption, the stomach cannot fully fulfill it. As a result of increased acidity in the stomach, both burning and gas occur. In this case, it is recommended to consume half a glass of carbonated water after your heavy meals, which will greatly relieve your stomach.
  • It is also good for mouth sores. After a vitamin deficiency, a cold, your body loses resistance and some sores may occur in your mouth. Or the palate may be damaged by excessive consumption of hot beverages. To get rid of these wounds, gargling with 2-3 glasses of carbonated water a day will allow your wounds to heal naturally and quickly. It also prevents new wounds. It minimizes bacteria with its germ-breaking feature.
  • Another benefit of carbonated water is that it is good for indigestion. A person with frequent indigestion complaints can get rid of all these complaints by consuming carbonated water at regular intervals. Carbonated water, in particular, minimizes the damage of acidic beverages and makes a great contribution to the rapid digestion of nutrients.
  • It provides moisture balance of the skin.
  • If you apply it to sunburned areas, it reduces the pain caused by the burn.
  • It balances the natural ph level of the blood.
  • In short, carbonated water makes many supportive contributions to the general functioning of the body.

Along with all these benefits, there are also disadvantages. Because every person’s body is different. In fact, these damages vary according to the body. Especially if your stomach is very sensitive, it can increase your stomach problems rather than relieve them. Therefore, you should always be cautious and carefully examine the reactions that occur in your body after drinking carbonated water. Seeing that it works, you should never overdose.

Does it weaken with carbonated water?

One of the most curious questions about carbonated water, even the most curious question: Is it weakened by carbonated water? There is no scientific evidence about the weakening of carbonated water. However, according to some experts, it is necessary to maintain the alkaline value of the body in order to reach the ideal weight. For this reason, the more balanced the alkaline level, the lower the body’s fat level. The effect of carbonated water here is that it reduces fat cells and causes a feeling of satiety. At the same time, we can say that carbonated water makes a great contribution to weight loss with its appetizing feature. If you are using carbonated water to lose weight, it is recommended to consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. However, it will not be possible to lose weight with only carbonated water without diet and exercise.

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