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What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar Disorder Patients Reviews

What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar Disorder Patients Reviews
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Bipolar disorder is a type of psychological phenomenon that is common in our society today and the diagnosis of the general disease in individuals is not fully understood. In general, there are mood transitions that occur when two emotions are experienced at the same time. These are divided into two; manic period and depressive period. Manic period: Although there is nothing to excite you in daily life, the state of being in a very enthusiastic, overly energetic and overly happy feeling is called a manic period. There is also a scientific concept called depressive period.

Depressive period; Although there is no health problem and there is no situation that can demoralize individuals, it presents itself with the fact that they suddenly feel unhappy, very tired and have a pessimistic view of life during the day. Manic period and depressive period are the opposite of each other and can show different reactions in each individual.

During the Manic Period;

  • Violent tendency
  • Hallucinating
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Intense energy
  • Willingness to join in all the fun
  • Attention disorder
  • Rapid speech and word loss
  • Increase in harmful substance use
  • Overconfidence


  • Feelings of guilt
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pessimistic mood
  • Severe lack of self-confidence
  • Attempted suicide

In addition to these two mood disorders, we also encounter a psychological reaction called bipolar. What is bipolar disorder? First of all, bipolar is seen as a mixed phenomenon. In other words, it is a mood state that is a combination of both manic and depressive periods. People with bipolar symptoms have an up and down behavior at the same time. One moment they may feel very cheerful and energetic, and the next second they may find themselves suddenly depressed and unhappy.

What are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Seasonal transitions should be taken into account for the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Because seasonal transitions also play an active role in changing mood. Thinking that an emotional state experienced in every seasonal transition is bipolar can cause us to worry unnecessarily. In short, a good analysis should be made in order to diagnose this condition.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder need to be taken more into consideration for people who experience their emotions extremely intensely during seasonal transitions. They can be exposed to a considerably higher intensity of emotion than a normal individual. If we categorize it, in the spring-summer months, they become overly energetic, enthusiastic, fidgety and restless, while in the autumn-winter months, conditions such as introversion, fatigue, exhaustion, pessimism, anger, and indecision, which are called melancholic, occur. During these periods, the number of suicides and negative cases in the society increases due to the tendency to harm the environment and self-harm as the state of tension and aggression is experienced intensely. Since bipolar is more of a mixed state of manic period and depressive period, after the event, the person may be faced with the transformation into a state that cannot even make sense of his own behavior. It would be beneficial for individuals to seek help from a specialist in case they are in such an intense emotional state of confusion.

Who has Bipolar Disorder?

Today, it is a mood disorder that can occur in almost everyone, regardless of whether they are male or female. Statistically, 3 out of every 100 people are diagnosed with bipolar. In general, the age range of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder is between the ages of 18-25. In a way, it is possible to say that the so-called young age range is more affected by this emotional state.

How is Bipolar Disorder Diagnosed?

As it is known, the most important factor in all kinds of disorders is early diagnosis and treatment. Although bipolar disorder, which seems to be a simple disorder, can be taken under control with the earliest diagnosis. In patients who have not reached a certain limit, the post-diagnosis treatment process will give positive results quite quickly, while in advanced patients, progress is made with a more difficult long-term treatment application.

In both cases, it is possible for treatment to yield positive results. People can also be tested for bipolar disorder before diagnosis and treatment. However, there may be a difference between short-term and long-term treatment processes. While early diagnosis is important, the number of people who start treatment with early diagnosis is also low. This is because people often confuse this emotional state with the symptoms of hyperactivity. Another reason for late diagnosis is the onset of health problems; the presence of health problems such as heart disease, troit disease, obesity and etc. makes it even more difficult to diagnose bipolar. For these reasons, bipolar disorder is usually diagnosed late.

Treatment of bipolar disorder

There is no stereotypical treatment method, but a treatment developed according to the individual. Since each individual has a unique emotional state and has different life circumstances and personalities, an individualized treatment process is created.

The bipolar treatment process can be categorized as medication treatment, therapy treatment or both. Drug treatment; There are many drug treatments specially developed for patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. These medications are provided to patients in a controlled manner by the doctor by determining the most appropriate one. After the medication, the patient is kept under observation by the specialist doctor for a while and observes the positive and negative effects of the drug and its dose on the person and provides the most accurate treatment to the people. Of course, treatment with medication alone may not be possible, but therapy can also be applied to the patient during the treatment process. The treatment process with therapy is,

Experts are generally of the opinion that in addition to medication, therapy can provide a more effective result. In general, the therapy process; It provides benefits in many areas such as changing people’s behaviors in a positive direction, improving daily routine habits, gaining positive thinking skills, stress control and positive guidance in family relationships. Therefore, it is seen that the answer to questions such as whether people with bipolar disorder can get married, which is the most curious question of people who appear in such cases, is clarified in a positive way.

Reviews of patients with bipolar disorder

First of all, as someone who was diagnosed with this type of disorder and learned my diagnosis very late, I must say that; I was in the thought that these emotional transitions were normal in my daily life and that this was a characteristic of my character. In general, I can say that it took me time to realize that my emotional state was bipolar disorder. In the same day, while I was very good and positive, I could suddenly become a very secretive woman against my environment before 10 minutes passed. Fortunately, I am in the days when I say that I am glad that I have been treated in my journey, which started with questioning myself on the information that a friend obtained on this subject, and my process started with questioning myself and extended to a specialist control.

Nazli Duragan

I don’t know where to start my words… As a young person preparing for university, I can say that my life blossomed with the encouragement of my mother and the recognition of my dear doctor, whom I love very much, although I had difficulty understanding this mood disorder that turned me into an extremely insecure, pessimistic and defenseless girl who could not get me out of bed, especially in winter months. Yes, it may sound like a dream and exaggeration, but I can say that I have really returned to my essence with both medication and therapy, I can say many, many thanks to my doctor and everyone who touches on this subject…

Emine Yılmaz

Yes, friends, I found out a little late, but I am one of those who say late or not. Thanks to the advice and my intensive research, I was treated for a while and now I seem to have returned to my normal life. Maybe it sounds strange, but it really is something that has an incredible effect on private life…

Hasan Arısoy

Hello, I had the same situation. I read everything to the finest detail, I got information, I got help from a doctor, I really saw the benefit of getting help from a doctor.

Cemre Çalışkan

Hi, I honestly did not know at all, especially the symptoms I experienced during these seasonal transitions were extremely effective and progressed further over time, so I got expert help. First of all, my doctor watched me for a while and diagnosed my correct medication and treatment and put it into practice and I was very satisfied.

Emre Korkmaz

As someone who has seen the incredible benefit of therapy, I am amazed at my cat that a person can come to such a positive point, of course, I am very surprised around me and I recommend it to everyone, I am glad that I did not sweep it under the carpet and I am in this state.

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