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What is Betaserc, Does Betaserc Make You Sleep?

What is Betaserc, Does Betaserc Make You Sleep?
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What is Betaserc, does Betaserc make you sleep? Such questions continue to be frequently researched by people who continue or will start using the drug in question. This drug continues to be used in diseases such as panic attacks or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Since antidepressant beliefs have heavier structures than other types of medication; it may sometimes cause sleep or various side effects.

In particular, people who have a very severe obsessive disorder; It is among the information given that they should use medication in order to be treated. The drug given to patients in this situation is known as Betaserc. Betaserc has certain doses. These doses may continue to vary according to the course of the disease. For example; While panic disorder and other psychological problems progress more severely in some people, it is among the information given that some people overcome this process more lightly.

Who Uses Betaserc?

People who use Betaserc are generally patients who continue to struggle with various psychological problems. These drugs; It is also among the information given that it is prescribed by psychiatry. Therefore, after a long-term therapy process; it is among the information given that the use of the drug can be started. It is absolutely not possible for people who do not contact their doctors to start using this medication. Moreover, panic disorder or antidepressant medications may cause different side effects when used by people who do not have any problems. Therefore, it is very important to continue taking the medication in a controlled manner.

Is Betaserc Available Without a Prescription?

The use of Betaserc without a prescription continues to be frequently researched by people who think they have a psychological problem. Medications prescribed by psychiatry; Since it is a red prescription drug, it will definitely not be possible to continue to use it without a prescription. Psychiatrists, after interviewing their patients, will discover in which area they are having problems and decide whether or not to prescribe the medication in question. Although some people try to buy this medication from pharmacies, this is absolutely not the case. The medicine must be prescribed by a specialist doctor.

Betaserc Usage

Betaserc is among the easiest types of medicines to use. This medicine, which continues to be offered for sale in tablets; in pill form. Since doctors can prescribe different doses of the drug to each patient; pharmacy officials will inform patients about this. After taking the medicine; it will be sufficient to swallow the pill with plenty of water. At some times, it is recommended to use the drug once a day; at other times; it is recommended to use it twice a day. However, the medicine in question should be taken on a full stomach. Otherwise, it is among the information given that situations such as nausea may occur.

When Does Betaserc Work?

Betaserc duration of action is very curious by people who have just started using the drug. The duration of the effect of the drug is related to the extent of the disorders that people have. If the degree of panic attacks or other psychological problems has not started to increase, it will be possible for people to notice a noticeable change in themselves one day after the first box is finished. However, if the ongoing psychological reactions are too severe, it may be necessary to increase the dose of the medication or take a few more boxes. Since this situation varies depending on how much people have improved and what their condition is; it is among the information given that the most accurate information on the subject can be understood by the psychiatrist who undertakes the treatment process. Moreover, patients should pay close attention to the doctor’s instructions.

What are Betaserc Side Effects?

Betaserc side effects are also frequently investigated by people who have just started taking the drug. Every medicine needs a certain period of time to adapt to the body. Since this medicine cannot adapt to the body very quickly; it may cause some side effects to occur. While some of the managers that people who drink the drug may notice are insignificant problems that can happen to everyone; It is among the information given that some of them are of great importance. The managers who may encounter people who will start using the drug are listed as follows;

  • One of the most common symptoms that people who will start using the drug will experience is dizziness and nausea.
  • Heart palpitations are also among the prominent side effects of the drug. However, if palpitations persist despite other side effects; it is useful to consult a psychiatrist.
  • Restlessness is also among the side effects of the drug.
  • People who have just started using the drug may face vomiting if they use heavy doses.
  • One of the common side effects of the drug is very aggressive and overreactive states.

What is the Price of Betaserc?

Betaserc Prices are set at 61.15 TL. However, it will not be possible to purchase the drug without a prescription under any circumstances. Since this drug is included in the group of red prescription drugs; It will be very important to obtain a report and prescription from any psychiatrist. People with a report, after receiving their prescription; can learn the instructions for use of the drug by contacting an authorized pharmacy officer.

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