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What Do Dying People See? What Does a Dying Person Feel?

What Do Dying People See? What Does a Dying Person Feel?
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What do dying people see? What does a dying person feel? The sources from which we can actually get a clear answer here are what is written in the Qur’an and the accounts of people who live their last moments and seconds, otherwise it will not be possible to know what they say and feel.

People who are about to die usually see people they have lost before. Here too, they tell this to the people who are with them. In general, people who are close come. For example, if we give an example, the deceased person sees and dialogs with the people he loved and lost many years ago.

Although dying is called the end of life for some people, it can also be said as the opening of a completely different world. Those who stay here are actually known as the lying people of the lying world. Those who go go to the real world. Dying actually has many medical explanations such as the heart stopping and the brain being deprived of oxygen. But especially for Muslim countries, it means returning to real life. Here the person is reunited with God. With death in Islam, the person reunites with Allah. Here, the place where every person will go is actually the real life. Death is a right in Islam. Dying is an event in one’s destiny. Every living being is born, grows, lives and dies. Death is a situation that is completely related to fate, who catches whom and when, who will die from whom. As people of faith, when such situations come to our minds, it is said that God give death in order. This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful words. A person will not want to see and experience the death of a child. It is said that God does not test anyone with the pain of a child.

Death is also related to fate. Some of the deceased people die suddenly. Here, the word I take refuge in you from sudden death gains meaning. People cannot save themselves from painful losses. The fact that a person we are constantly talking to or even a person we saw 10 minutes ago has died shakes us very much. Here, assumptions are made that the deceased saw his favorite person. There are even hadiths related to this subject. In case the person is caught with a disease, the person prepares himself for death. The environment also gets used to this idea.

How to Identify a Person Approaching Death?

How to recognize a person approaching death? Here, it is especially the case that the person experiences certain hallucinations. Here, the person looks naive and stares blankly. It is also known that there is confusion and even emptiness in the person’s mind. The dying person who is approaching death speaks with a blank stare. It makes connections with different places and people. Here, the person’s heart rate slows down over time. With the lack of oxygen to the person’s brain, it puts an end to life functions.

The dying person starts to push himself and life more. In many people who die, there is a relaxation in facial expression. Here the person steps into a peaceful life. Especially the good deeds and sins that the person has done in this world will be evaluated together. If the person lives by fulfilling religious orders without eating the right of servant, it is a sign that he has a peaceful afterlife. But if the person has lived a life that is not in accordance with the orders and prohibitions of Allah, there is an opinion that he will be punished in hell. It is interpreted in the sense that the person will burn in hell and pay the price for what he did. The person will definitely be punished by paying the mistakes and sins he has made in this world in the sight of Allah.

What Does One Feel at the Moment of Death?

How people feel at the moment of death will vary from person to person. There are positive scenarios shown to some people by angels. Here, the angels accompany the person and accompany him to the afterlife. What we call the soul actually leaves the body. Here the body is the only thing that remains. Even if it is very interesting, the body disappears by being buried in the ground. What remains of the human being is nothing but bones. Under the earth the body rots.

But as an idea, that human being continues to exist in minds. In this sense, as Plato says, what is real is the idea, ideas and minds. No human being is immortal. And every living being will taste death one day. It will not be possible to avoid it. It is almost impossible to avoid the phenomenon we call fate here. There is no such thing as people being immortal.

People have to face death. Here, it will be important for the person to live by making his life meaningful. Because if people are going to live and die at the end, then one should try and taste everything in one’s life. It is very valuable that the person does not experience regret as he approaches the end of his life.

What happens when a person dies?

What happens when a person dies? When a person dies, the first thing that happens is that the heart stops beating. When the heart stops beating, it already means that life is over. But reflexes can still be seen in the body. Here, half an hour after the person’s heart stops beating, all reflexes disappear. This is the reason why people’s eyelids remain open. That is why the eyes of the deceased person are open. And they are closed. Muscles relax and the excretory system completely releases itself. Urine, semen and saliva discharge is seen in the deceased person. And after all this, after 10 hours the body becomes completely solid muscle. This is how the person’s life ends.

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