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What Causes Brow Whitening?

What Causes Brow Whitening?
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Eyebrow whitening is a cosmetic problem that occurs with the advancement of the individual’s age. In some people, eyebrows may turn white at a younger age or earlier than they should be.

Why Are Eyebrows White?

Eyebrow whitening is one of the cosmetic problems that usually occurs in older individuals past middle age. It appears to occur at an earlier age in some individuals. The whiteness of the eyebrows does not cover the entire eyebrows and you should not be worried about the whitening eyebrows. More attention should be paid to the whitening of many eyebrow strands. You should know the following about whitening of eyebrows:

  • Eyebrow whitening usually occurs in advanced ages.
  • It affects men and women at similar rates.
  • It is not a medical concern.
  • The whitening of the eyebrow can be controlled by various medical methods.
  • The main ingredient that makes up the eyebrow color is the pigment called melanin.
Eyebrow Whitening in Men

What are the Causes of Brow Whitening?

The formation of white strands in the eyebrows usually occurs with aging. If you are experiencing whitening of the eyebrow before expected, there may be some reasons that cause this situation. The causes of eyebrow whitening are as follows:

Melanin Deficiency

Melanin is a pigment produced by various tissues in the body and gives these tissues their dark color. It is a product produced from an amino acid called tyrosine. The substance that gives color to eyebrow hair is melanin. When the balance of melanin pigment is disturbed, eyebrow hairs may lose their color and turn white. Melanin production decreases with aging.

Hormone Changes

There are some hormones that help nourish and grow hair follicles. Some factors that cause hormone changes include:

  • Diseases
  • Drugs used
  • Unhealthy and irregular diet
  • undergoing hormone therapy
  • Various herbal products used without doctor control can also cause fluctuations in hormone levels.
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Not enought feeding

Many events in our body are designed to support each other. Disruption of one part of the body may hinder the characteristics of other parts. Melanin production begins to decrease considerably in people who are malnourished and unbalanced. As a natural consequence of this situation, whitening may occur at the ends of the hairs. Factors such as unhealthy diets and processed foods, malnutrition are among the factors that can cause eyebrow whitening.

Genetic predisposition

Genetic predisposition

It is known that they are more prone to eyebrow whitening than other people. This may be the result of genetic influence. If your parents or close relatives complain of eyebrow whitening at an early age, this is the case; It is highly likely to indicate that you are more at risk than other people.

Cigarette Consumption

Smoking causes many harms in the body due to the chemicals it contains. It is said that the hairs turn white faster and faster in people who smoke. With the effect of smoking, the oxygen level in the blood decreases and thus less oxygen is delivered to the hair follicles, which causes those areas to remain inefficient. Pigment production is disrupted and eyebrow whitening may occur.

Eyebrow Whitening Solution

Eyebrow whitening is an external appearance problem that almost everyone will experience at some point in their life. This condition is very likely to occur in some people at an earlier age. The solution to eyebrow whitening is as follows:

  • Your diet should include foods containing B12. Bleaching of the eyebrows may occur due to vitamin deficiencies.
  • Smoking should be reduced. Smoking is one of the most important causes of eyebrow whitening.
  • You should be very careful about eating healthy, you should include enough of all the nutrients in your diet, overdoing it can also harm you.
  • You should stay away from stress factors. You should get enough rest, get enough sleep, and stay away from sources of anxiety. Stress is the root of all diseases.
  • You can apply olive oil or castor oil to your eyebrows 2 times a day. There is a high probability that it will become more lush thanks to this process.
  • Eating a rich protein diet can increase the production of melanin and prevent whitening in the eyebrows.

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