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What Causes Black Spots on the Penis? How Do Blackheads Go?

What Causes Black Spots on the Penis? How Do Blackheads Go?
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Although black spots appearing on the male genitalia (penis) are immediately known as a sign of cancer, they do not reflect the truth. When we look to see if it is a common condition in men, yes, it is normal for most people to have spots. The causes of these stains can be attributed to many reasons. If you do not feel comfortable or think you have a problem, a doctor should be consulted and the doctor should examine you.

What to do if there is a blackhead on the penis?

If you are thinking about what to do if there is a black spot on the penis, the best thing to do is to go to the doctor. There may be spots on the male penis for many reasons. There are also many types. When we look at the types of stains, these are generally 3 types. The first is ulcer. Although it is not a very common situation, it is a possible situation. The second type of stain is popular. There are small diameter blisters located on the skin surface. These are less than an inch in diameter. The third is the plaque. These ascending flat-tipped lesions are larger than one centimeter in diameter.

Apart from these, it can also be acute. Some viruses and bacteria can also occur. For example, the Herpes simplex virus can cause it. This is the most common type of genital ulcer. The virus can also be associated with herpes or herpes, which usually occurs in the mouth. It is very normal for the patient to feel pain here. It is a type of disease that occurs due to small tiny bubbles. In order to diagnose this disease, laboratory tests are also required. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor and perform a correct examination. In the formation of acute, it may occur due to stress or inflammatory diseases. This situation should not be forgotten.

Secondly, there may be a second-hand Filizkut problem. These occur more in multiple irregular situations. It is more difficult for a person to notice because it is painless. It can also occur during illnesses such as the flu. Again, what laboratory tests are needed to test it in the disease, and this is a type of sexually transmitted disease.

Apart from these, there are also chronic conditions. The first is pemphigus disease. This situation usually starts in every part of the body, starting from areas such as the mouth and back, and can reach the penis. Small thin-walled bubbles are likened to this. This condition can often be painful or itchy. Therefore, it is very important to make an early diagnosis and apply the right treatment.

Secondly, Behçet’s disease is a disease with the possibility of inflammation in the skin, joint, nerve areas in the eyes or in any body region. Since it is not only in the penis, it can occur in any region. Finally, psoriasis can be one of them. As it is in every part of the body, from the scalp to the hands, it is not a very noticeable thing.

Psoriasis in Men

Psoriasis on the Male Genital Organ (Penis)

Psoriasis can also be seen on the penis. Since it arises from the foreskin, it can be the cause of psoriasis in many patients. Here, the thing that will allow you to pass psoriasis is to use the right cream in consultation with your doctor.

It can also cause infectious diseases caused by the HPV virus. You also need to remember that you need to have the HPV test. If you suspect these or live with such a condition on the penis, you should first go to a doctor and do an HPV test immediately. In addition, not only black spots, but also many colored spots may appear on the genitals. In order to understand the differences between these colors, there is no other choice but to go to the doctor. If you think it’s normal, go to the doctor. But if it doesn’t go away or you start to feel pain, it would be best for you to go to a doctor.

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