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What are the Harms of Rasping? Can You Lose Weight with Rasping?

What are the Harms of Rasping? Can You Lose Weight with Rasping?
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Rasping application appears as a slimming method, also known as the most preferred filing system by women recently. What are the harms of Rasping? Can you lose weight with Rasping? The question is among the frequently researched topics.

This application is applied to the waist, hips, back or abdomen and consists of sessions applied 1 or 2 times a week with a special Rasping device for regional slimming. Is there any harm in Rasping? For those who wonder, it is possible to say that the application is not harmful in any way. However, it is very important to pay attention to sleep patterns and nutrition after the application.

When this application is done regularly, it accelerates the process of burning excess fat in the body and at the same time gives more guaranteed results when supported by nutrition and sleep.

What is Rasping?

Especially at certain ages, people get fat in certain parts of their body depending on age or gender factors. Especially in men, the most risky adiposity area is the abdomen and waist areas, while women are often known to have adiposity in the hip areas.

In this regard, various methods are applied to remove regional fat from the body, and the method that has become the most popular recently among these methods is Rasping application.

This application, which is known by everyone among the people, is actually known as regional thinning and is also applied with certain methods.

Lose Weight With Rasping

How is Rasping Applied?

Rasping is mostly applied 1 or 2 times a week in the abdomen, waist, back and hip areas, and the fat accumulated in these areas is broken down with the rasping device specially produced for the procedure.

Another issue that is frequently wondered in this regard is does rasping weaken? When this application, which attracts a lot of attention all over the world, is applied regularly, regional slimming is possible as the excess fat in the body is burned and broken down and excreted from the body.

However, it is not possible to expect a noticeable weight loss in 1 or 2 sessions and it is not possible to lose weight in the whole body because it is a procedure applied only to certain areas.

Does Rasping Damage the Ovaries?

Does Rasping damage the ovaries? The question is among the frequently researched topics, especially after and before the rasping application applied to the abdominal area. Basically, although this application is very unlikely to damage the ovaries, it may have a damaging effect in some cases and especially in women with ovarian-related diseases. It is recommended that women should be very careful and know whether they have any ovarian disease before the procedure, especially when applied to the abdomen, since it is an application directly to the ovaries.

Basically, Rasping application, which does not cause any harm to the ovaries or human health, should be applied with the right methods and by professionals in this field.

Who Cannot Do Rasping?

To the question, it is possible to count the groups for whom rasping is not suitable for regional slimming methods in general. Because it is basically a regional slimming method, people who are not generally recommended to apply other procedures do not have this application.

Pregnant women, people with serious heart problems and people who use pacemakers are among the group of people who cannot be applied to the Rasping application. at the same time, people who use metal prostheses in the area where the application will be performed should also have this application.

Our last group includes groups where the application is not possible, but not possible if certain precautions are not taken. This procedure can be applied with the approval of the doctor, especially for people with chronic diseases such as diabetics to use their medications regularly and for people who use regular medication to contact the doctor in line with their diseases. However, in otherwise cases, Rasping cannot be applied to people.

How Many Minutes Does Rasping Take?

Another issue frequently researched by people who aim to lose weight regionally is how many minutes does Rasping take? This is the question. The duration of the application varies according to the duration of regional lubrication and an average of 1 session lasts up to 40 minutes.

However, all sessions must be applied 1 or 2 times a week and must be continued regularly for 6 months. Thus, basically the duration of the application and the sessions vary according to the amount of regional fat and the number of areas with regional fat.


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