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What are the Harms of Nose Picking?

What are the Harms of Nose Picking?
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The harms of nose picking have been one of the issues that have been highly emphasized during the epidemic period. So what harm can nose picking do? Especially infections are transmitted by contact with the nose and eyes through our hands. For this reason, you are likely to increase your chances of getting an infection by making direct contact with the nose.

Nose picking is seen a lot especially in winter months. In winter months, dryness in the nose is experienced with the cold air outside. Even now, the air becomes dry due to the heating of many houses with radiators. This dry air dries the person’s nose and throat. It is more common especially in children. Closed nostrils prevent the person from breathing, leading to more serious problems and diseases.

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Why is the nose scratched?

It is known that people pick their nose more during the winter months. In places where people are not in the community, people pick their nose more. Because nose picking is not a behavior that is welcomed by society. It is more confused when you stay in one place. Perhaps many people even do this situation themselves. In other words, no matter how much we see someone picking their nose in public, many people do this when they are alone.

In the process, everyone plays with each other’s nose from moment to moment. Here, there is an itching sensation that the person feels especially if there is snot in the nose. In order to get rid of this situation, people pick their nose. When a person has a cold and flu, his nose runs. He tries to open his nostrils by blowing his nose. However, especially when these diseases are over or if the environment where the person is located is away from dry humidity, this snot dries up in the nose. Therefore, people take these snot with their fingers.

Well, how much of an idea do we have about how harmful nose picking can be? As the whole world, we have experienced an epidemic process and everyone has experienced many material and moral losses in this process. Since this disease is an epidemic and contagious disease, many experts especially warn people to avoid contact with your hands and nose and eyes. The reason here is that the person’s hands are infected and by touching the eyes and nose, this bacteria spreads much faster in the body. For this reason, it will actually turn out how harmful it will be for people to touch and pick their nose.

What is the Harm of Picking the Nose to the Human Body?

What are the harms that picking the nose can cause to the human body? The most common situation we encounter here is infection of the person. But of course, it will be very useful to look at these situations in detail.

  • There is a region called sinus in our nose area. There is a type of bacteria here that is very dangerous for humans. This is also called Staphylococcus. We are likely to cause this bacteria to enter our body and spread. These germs live in the sinus area. And when you pick your nose, you increase your risk of getting diseases by throwing them in and even feeding them.
  • Picking your nose is not only about germs. Picking your nose can irritate the walls of the nose and cause bleeding. Some people already have very thin nasal vessels. You are likely to damage these thin vessels even more.
  • As scabbing in your nose, that is, the freezing and solidification of the snot part, you feel more scratching. Because you do this with your fingers, you are introducing germs and bacteria directly into your body between the nails. At the same time, you may have seriously damaged your body’s immune system.
  • You may damage the mucous membrane of your nose. In this case, it is counted among the issues that can be troublesome.
  • Especially because of the fact that the person deals with the nose a lot, there are also veins passing through the nose. These vessels are known to be thin and thick. Due to the thinness of some vessels in the nose area, it can cause bleeding in the person. The veins of this person, who is constantly dealing with his nose, also show thinning. It can be quite difficult to stop the bleeding that occurs here. Even medically, such vessels need to be burned. For this reason, it is necessary to be more sensitive about the nose and be careful not to mix it.

Precautions to Prevent Nose Picking in Children?

It is researched by parents to prevent nose picking in children. Here, the person’s first thing is to tell the child not to do it, which will cause the child to feel the feeling of touching the nose more. For this reason, if the child’s nose picking behavior appears in the child, the parents will draw the child’s attention in another direction. The aim of the parents here should be to prevent this habit from becoming a tic in the child. Because in this age group, such behaviors can remain as obsessions.

It is important to tell the child about the harms of this situation, but it is important to enter your child’s age group while doing this. Because children are in the concrete processing period. And it may take more time for them to get things into their heads. You can teach this by making it a game for the child, visualizing it and making them play with their toys.

You can use bitter nail polish, which is a repulsive stimulant. This will hurt when the child touches his/her nose, so he/she will remove his/her hand from his/her nose. This should be one of the last methods to be preferred. Of course, the person wants the best for their child. But when this is considered from the child’s point of view, it is considered as punishment. And some children act in the opposite way and punish their parents.



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