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Reviews of Those with Lung Nodules

Reviews of Those with Lung Nodules
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The formation of nodules in the lung is among the issues that often confuse patients. Therefore, in addition to early diagnosis, correct information is also important for patients with this diagnosis. Whether it is dangerous or not, treatment methods and symptoms are important in this regard.

Nodules are usually in the form of white dots. Pulmonary nodules are referred to as lung nodules in the medical literature. When examined in shape, it resembles an oval curve. It has a structure of 3 centimeters and smaller in size. Diagnosis and diagnosis is quite easy with these features.

The evaluation of nodules in the lung is performed according to their size and number. If it is small in size at a single point, it is a pulmonary nodule. If the size increases and the number increases, it is classified as a pulmonary mass. If this type of mass is suspected to be malignant, detailed examinations and investigations should be performed.

Are Lung Nodules Dangerous?

So, is nodule formation in the lung dangerous? This question is one of the issues considered by many people. Although it may be thought otherwise, they are usually not dangerous to the health of the body. Those in the form of small spots are often benign. They often have structures that disappear without requiring treatment.

For nodules that do not disappear, the size is checked at regular intervals. If there is no shrinkage or significant growth, there is no danger. However, in some cases it can be malignant.

Malignant masses are larger than 20 cm in size. Therefore, they can be easily distinguished from benign ones. A nodule in the lung can occur for different reasons. Even a simple injection or seasonal illness can cause them.

Benign Nodule Characteristics

A benign lung nodule has a number of symptoms. These symptoms are outlined as follows;

  1. Clear boundaries
  2. Good results from biopsy
  3. No progress or regression in follow-up examinations
  4. Normal results from radiological and nuclear medicine examinations
  5. Shrinkage with a treatment such as antibiotic treatment
  6. Young and children
  7. Calcification inside
  8. The nodule is millimetric, less than 1 cm in size

Such features indicate that the nodule in the lung is benign. However, whether it is good or bad is determined by the doctor after examinations.

Malignant Nodule Features

When nodules are detected in the lung, patients begin to experience stress. Most fear whether they are a sign of cancer. If lung cancer is diagnosed at an early stage and the tissue is surgically removed from the body, the patient can recover completely.

Malignant nodules, like benign ones, have a number of characteristics. When these are examined, the main features are as follows;

  1. Press habits such as smoking
  2. Observation of enlarged nodules on follow-up
  3. Biopsy results show malignancy
  4. Involvement in some tests performed
  5. Lack of clear boundaries
  6. No shrinkage with simple treatments
  7. The nodule is at least 1 cm or larger
  8. Middle age and old age
  9. A frequent family history of cancer

All these indicate malignancy for nodule formation in the lung. The final decision is made by physicians after detailed examinations.

How are Lung Nodules Treated?

How do lung nodules go away? First of all, the nodule in question must be correctly identified. Its size and shape can easily determine its good and bad habits. In addition to a chest X-ray, the specialist may also request a computerized scan to make an accurate diagnosis.

Nodules with an oval and flat texture usually disappear after a while. Therefore, benign nodules do not require surgical intervention. However, if they are malignant, detailed examinations may be requested. If a PET scan or biopsy shows that cancerous cells are collected at a single point in the lung, the malignant cell can be removed by surgery.

Apart from this, if it is noticed to spread throughout the body, a solution can be found with applications such as chemotherapy. The patient’s medical history is important in the formation of nodules in the lung. Hereditary diseases, age, smoking, whether the disease in question is seen in the family are among the factors that determine the treatment.

Why Do Lung Nodules Occur?

Nodules in the lung occur for different reasons. One of these is non-tumor diseases. These are

  1. Bacterial infections,
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Parasitic diseases,
  4. Fungal infections,
  5. Sarcoidosis
  6. Hamartom,
  7. Rheumatoid arthritis,
  8. Some systemic diseases,

It is shaped like this. In addition, metastasis, precancerous lesions and lung cancer can cause nodules. In this respect, not every lung nodule means cancer.

How are Lung Nodules Diagnosed?

Lung nodules are diagnosed using different medical techniques. If it has a benign nature,

  1. Bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and pneumonia,
  2. Fungal infections of the lung,
  3. Lung cysts and abscesses,
  4. Hamartoma,
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis,

These are some of them. A number of tests may also be taken from patients during the process.

Computerized Tomography

If a small nodule is seen in the lung, CT scans can be performed at periodic intervals, usually for a period of two years. If its characteristics and size do not change during the process, it is benign.

PET Scan

Positron Emission Scanning is one of the methods used for lung nodules. It is performed especially in cases where it is likely to be malignant. It can tell if there are tissues with high activity, such as cancer, in the rest of the body.


If the CT scan is suspicious, a biopsy, i.e. a small sample of tissue, can be taken to better understand this. This can also be done using a needle. Especially if it is in a place that is easily accessible from the outside, a needle can be used to take a sample.

The cells are then examined to determine whether they are benign or not. Bronchoscopic biopsy can also be performed. A sample can also be taken using a flexible tube with a small camera to see if it is malignant. All these methods can be preferred for nodules in the lung.

What are the Comments of People with Lung Nodules?

How are the comments on nodules in the lung? Those who have nodules in their lungs are also curious about how people comment on this. When these are examined, it is seen that there are comments such as these;

  1. Mehmet Karaman: It was revealed during a normal check-up I had in the past weeks. Although I was scared at the beginning, I learned that it was benign.
  2. Ali Aryalı: My chest x-ray at the hospital showed small nodules less than 1 cm in size. After the tests and examinations, it turned out to be harmless.
  3. Seda Korkmaz: I found out that I have a few nodules in the middle lobe of my right lung. It does not affect my life for now, but it has a great psychological impact.
  4. Burak Öz: My mother had many nodules and they took a piece to examine them. But it was not as bad as we feared.
  5. Selen Akyüzen: I went to the doctor because I was coughing a lot and the tomography showed nodules. He started treatment immediately and first prescribed antibiotics.
  6. Sumru Karaca: When I found out that I had a nodule in my lung, I was psychologically affected and my morale was very bad.
  7. Selin Doğan: My father has had it for years but it is not malignant. But tests are done regularly.


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