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Reviews of Lumbar Injections

Reviews of Lumbar Injections
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Low back pain is one of the ailments that many people suffer from today. There are different treatment methods for this, including injections. With the development of medical facilities, epidural and transforaminal injections are frequently used.

These injections help prevent low back pain. It also allows for a full recovery. However, it is preferred in patients who do not stop despite taking medication, who do not benefit in any way, whose pain cannot be controlled with physical therapy, and who do not require surgical procedure.

In addition to eliminating the pain with the low back pain needle, the source of pain is also determined. Thus, it helps patients.

How do injections relieve pain?

Injections are among the most widely used treatment methods today. This is because they are more effective than intravenous, buttock or oral injections. The injection numbs the area of pain and thus provides a solution.

The aim of low back pain injections is that the substance is directed to a single source without being distributed throughout the body as in other methods. Thus, if it is injected into the area where hernia formation occurs, it relieves people to a great extent.

In addition, injection methods are also used in diagnosis. If the source of pain cannot be determined by physical examinations and imaging methods, different injections can be used to find out in which part of the waist the pain is located. Local anesthetic drugs are then administered to these parts.

What are Back Pain Injections?

Back pain injections are now widely used in many patients. These are not standardized options as they are divided into different elements. Some of the types of injections used today are as follows;

  1. Epidural and Transforaminal injections
  2. Nerve root blocks
  3. Facet joint injections
  4. Sacroiliac joint injections

These are some of the back pain injection methods used today. The epidural and transforaminal variants in particular are widely used today. With the epidural method, the drug is injected into the spinal canal and has a great effect.

This method is used in the treatment of most spine-related pain with very good results. It is especially suitable for patients with herniated discs. The aim here is to remove the edema around the herniated disc and to reduce the effect of the source compressing the disc.

It is frequently preferred among low back pain injections due to its lack of serious side effects. It is also used for herniated discs in the neck and back vertebrae as well as the lower back. It is a method that can be repeated if the pain does not subside.

Woman with Low Back Pain

Transforaminal Epidural Injection

This method, used as a low back pain injection, is a non-blind procedure. Since it is applied to a single nerve canal, it is only applied to the relevant area. Since the application dose is low, it has a structure with low side effects. Since it is applied directly to the nerve and hernia area, the benefit and success rates are higher.

It is performed under the guidance of a special X-ray device called C-arm scopi and the lumbar spine is visualized in 3 different planes and then the solution is taken by placing it in the correct channel. The procedure lasts approximately 10 minutes and does not involve pain as light anesthesia is applied.

Spinal Injection

Spinal injection is one of the most preferred methods today. It is performed under general or local anesthesia, accompanied by imaging methods. It is performed by specialized physicians and especially,

  1. Herniated disc circumference,
  2. Facet joints
  3. Around the spinal nerve root,
  4. Epidural space,
  5. It can be performed on the sacroiliac joints.

This procedure is performed without hospitalization. Before the injection, a number of medical evaluations are carried out and the patient is guided accordingly. This includes making a list of allergens.

After the procedure, people can go home immediately. A person to help them is also recommended. Previous magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and X-rays should also be brought along.

Who Can Get a Lumbar Injection?

Low back pain injection, which is among the non-surgical treatment methods, is widely used today. Especially people who do not want to undergo a surgical procedure may wonder whether they can have a lumbar injection. This is often applied to patients who rest for 1-2 weeks, take painkillers but do not see any benefit.

The lumbar injection method is not used unconsciously by patients. On the contrary, it is performed by specialist doctors as part of the treatment. It is also possible for patients who have undergone surgery but continue to have pain.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and complications are unlikely. It also does not interfere with subsequent treatment plans. After the injection for low back pain, the patient should be hospitalized and observed for 1 to 3 hours.

There may be some pain from the injection for a while, even if it is mild. The steroid injection shows its effect between 12 and 24 hours. In some people, the pain disappears, while in others there is significant relief.

How is it done?

Low back pain injection is a very short procedure. However, for a smooth application, they must comply with the doctor’s instructions in the process. People should control their breathing.

In the procedures, the skin is first cleaned with a sterilizing solution. Then a cover is laid over the patients. The doctor may decide to apply conscious sedation if deemed necessary. He may also use local anesthetics.

Once this is in place, the exact location of the needle is determined. X-ray imaging can be used, as well as injection of a contrast agent to locate the needle. It is also possible to apply a small dressing to the area after the needle is inserted.

Patients may also be hospitalized for a period of time after the procedure for control purposes.

What to do after the injection?

Lumbar injection is one of the methods used especially for low back pain. After this very comfortable and practical procedure, people can continue their daily lives. However, it is especially recommended to rest on the day of application.

Movements that strain the lower back should not be performed for 2-3 days after the injection. In addition, movements that strengthen the surrounding muscles recommended by the doctor should also be performed. If there is a serious case, physical therapy may also be recommended after the procedure.

In this respect, care should be taken to the issues recommended by the doctors after the injection for low back pain.

Reviews of Lumbar Injections

The comments of people who have had a lumbar needle may be wondered by people before the application. These opinions may differ according to the discomfort of the people. If you want to examine the comments in detail, you can evaluate the opinions.

  1. Yılmaz Kara: About a week ago, my mother received an injection for back pain. The injection got rid of the pain that used to keep her awake at night.
  2. Sabiha Çetinkaya: My doctor gave me an injection for my back pain. I saw the effects in a short time and I got rid of the pain and my quality of life improved significantly.
  3. Suat Kafkas: With the injection, I got rid of the unbearable pain I felt in my lower back and had a more comfortable life.
  4. Sevda Kamer: Before, you were worried about whether the needle would dissolve or not, but soon after the application, my pain was significantly relieved.
  5. Zafer Akçetin: The injection for low back pain was administered in a short time and I was able to resume my life immediately. The results were also very pleasing.
  6. Serkan Kurtulan I had unbearable pain due to herniated disc. But thanks to the injection, I found a solution in a short time.
  7. Aylin Yılmazer: My back pain was almost keeping me awake. My doctor recommended this injection while I was looking for a solution. Months later, I was able to have a comfortable sleep.

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