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Is it possible to determine gender one hundred per cent? How to Determine Gender?

Is it possible to determine gender one hundred per cent? How to Determine Gender?
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The question of whether one hundred per cent gender determination is possible is one of the topics that individuals who are preparing to become mothers and fathers are curious about. Every person dreams of having a child after bringing his life to a certain order. Although the birth of a healthy baby is the greatest desire, there may be some special requests about gender.

Under normal conditions, the sex of babies in the womb is determined after 2-3 months. Instead of waiting for this process, there are countless people who want to determine the sex of the baby to be born. While it was difficult and even impossible to fulfil this request in the past, it is noticed that some methods are being developed today.

How is Gender Determined?

The question of how to determine gender, which is frequently discussed in the medical world and which people are very curious about, has started to attract more and more attention day by day. In addition to giving birth to a healthy baby, having a baby of the desired gender is one of the options that every expectant mother and father will prefer. Well, besides the methods developed, how is the sex of babies determined under normal conditions?

  • The X chromosome is found in both sexes.
  • The Y chromosome is only found in males.
  • The genetic material carried by the X sperm that gives rise to a girl is large and strong, but much slower.
  • The genetic material carried by Y spermatozoa, which leads to the formation of a boy, is weaker but much faster.

Based on this information, intercourse should be based on the ovulation period and appropriate environments should be created.

What should be done to have a baby girl?

As can be expected, what to do to have a baby girl is examined from time to time by parents who want a girl child. Many people think that baby genders are formed by chance and depend only on fate. However, if intercourse is entered at appropriate times when having a baby, it will be highly likely that the desired gender will be formed.

The recommended period for the conception of a girl is 2 or 4 days before ovulation. At the same time, it is not recommended to have intercourse when the cervical mucus is dense. Expectant fathers who want to have a baby girl can take a hot shower just before intercourse.

Male Boy

What should be done to have a baby boy?

In addition to the girl babies discussed in the previous title, it is also noticed that a certain segment wants to have a baby boy. In such cases, the question of what should be done to have a baby boy comes to the fore and is examined.

Although it depends on luck, it is possible to increase your chances of having a baby boy by paying attention to certain points. For example, having intercourse about 12 hours before the ovulation period and at the same time keeping the areas called haya cool increases the possibility of having a baby boy. Apart from this, you can find out what procedures can be done by contacting your doctor.

What are the methods developed for sex determination?

The question of what are the methods developed for gender determination is wondered by individuals who want to learn the innovations made in this field. Gender determination, which came to the agenda a very short time ago and is still being studied, is tried to be realised with the help of many different options. Some of these methods are listed below.

  • Whelan method
  • Shettles method
  • Babychoice method
  • Preconceptional method
  • Microsort method
  • Ericsson method

Each of the studies listed was initiated in order to make gender determination possible. Although some of them have been tried and some results have been obtained, there is still no definite judgement.

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