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Is Hirudoid Forte Gel Rubbed Under the Eyes? What Does Hirudoid Forte Gel Do?

Is Hirudoid Forte Gel Rubbed Under the Eyes? What Does Hirudoid Forte Gel Do?
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“Is Hirudoid Forte gel applied under the eyes” What does Hirudoid Forte Gel do “We will explain the point in detail below.

Hirudoid Forte gel; It is very common in nose surgeries. It is also known for preventing clots that may occur in the body after accidents. We can say that it is a type of medicine prescribed in cases such as injury. Apart from preventing clot formation in the vein, it also treats existing clotting. Hirudoid Forte gel in general;

  • Skin injuries,
  • Bruising on the skin,
  • He cures coups.

It is constantly prescribed by physicians in cases such as oedema and bruising. It also prevents blood collection in the body.

What is Hirudoid Forte Gel?

“Hirudoid Forte gel” contains mucopolysaccharide polysulphate. This gel is popularly known as bruise cream. It is used to remove edema and bruises after blows. “What is Hirudoid what is it used for” We can say that it is very useful to people within the scope. Hirudoid Forte gel;

  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Isopropyl glycol,
  • Propylene glycol
  • Polyacrylic acid,
  • It also contains substances such as deionised water.

Hirudoid Forte gel is presented to people in a transparent, white coloured metal tube. Thanks to this gel, clot formation is prevented after the blows. It also removes the inflammation caused by wounds.

How to Use Hirudoid Forte Gel?

It is very important to have a doctor’s prescription on “How to use Hirudoid Forte gel”. Use the gel for how long and how your doctor recommends you to use it. Apply the gel lightly to the injured area on your skin with an average size of 5 cm. Be very careful to be gentle when applying the gel alone. To see the benefit of the gel; We recommend that you apply it to your skin 3 times a day. After 2 weeks of regular use, you can see that your complaints have decreased. After your complaints have decreased, be sure to be examined by your doctor.

Hirudoid cream contains alcohol. Because of this feature, after applying the gel topically to the skin, wrap the injured area with gauze. Thanks to the process we have mentioned, the skin will not be cut off from the air. Be very careful about overdose when using the gel alone. Never take a double dose to compensate for forgotten doses. Talk to your doctor about what to do in case of overdose.

What Does Hirudoid Forte Gel Do?

On the point “What does Hirudoid Forte gel do”;

  • It significantly prevents the decay of the skin after injuries, bruises, etc.
  • At the same time, it provides relief of pain, pain and fire.
  • It provides healing in blunt injuries that do not carry the risk of haematoma (blood clotting).
  • It is also used in the treatment of “superficial phlebitis” called vein inflammation.
  • It also provides the healing of oedema and bruises on the skin exposed to impacts.
  • It is also known to treat injuries with haematoma. For example; It accumulates the blood leaking from the damaged, impacted vessel in the tissue. Thus, the healing of the blows is provided.

If Hirudoid Forte gel is applied in a tropical way, as mentioned above; it relieves oedema, oozing, pain and soreness.

What should be considered when using Hirudoid Forte Gel?

The question “What should be considered when using Hirudoid Forte gel” is very important for your health. When using Hirudoid Forte cream; Read the contents of the cream very well. Auxiliary or active ingredients in the cream can cause allergies in some people. If there are allergy-causing substances in the gel, stop using the cream. If you accidentally swallow the gel, immediately go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital and report the situation.

We do not recommend the use of breastfeeding and pregnant women. If you think you have to use it, consult a doctor immediately before use. Never apply Hirudoid cream to damaged skin and open wounds. This cream is only applied on closed wounds. Hirudoid Forte gel should never be applied to the mouth, eyes and nose. Also, be very careful not to contact other mucosal membranes. Wash the contact areas with plenty of water.

What are the Side Effects of Hirudoid Forte Gel?

“What are the side effects of Hirudoid Forte Gel”;

  • Flushing,
  • Burning,
  • Skin sensitivity,
  • Stinging sensation,
  • Increased pain,

We have generally mentioned the benefits of the cream above. However, in some cases, Hirudoid cream can cause side effects. There may be redness especially on sensitive skin. If you use the cream in large doses, side effects may occur in the same way. As soon as you see side effects, you should stop using the cream and see a doctor.

Hirudoid Forte Gel User Reviews

Hirudoid Forte gel user reviews are very important to learn the benefits and side effects of the cream.

  • It has been stated by a user that it is an excellent remedy for the removal of oedema and bruises. It is stated by users that it is an effective solution for haemorrhoids.
  • It is also said to be a very good medicine for sports injuries. It relieves conditions such as swelling and sprains in a very short time.
Can Hirudoid Forte Gel be applied to the eyes?

Is Hirudoid Forte Gel Rubbed Under the Eyes?

“Is Hirudoid Forte gel applied under the eyes” We have actually answered the question clearly above. Hirudoid Forte Gel; removes bruises under the eyes. Therefore, there is no harm in applying it under the eyes. From an aesthetic point of view, bruises that make the person look bad are removed with this cream. Hirudoid creams are produced with both tissue astringent and vasodilator properties. Some of the hirudoid creams are produced in the form of sedative. Hirudoid Forte;

  • It constricts the capillaries under the eye,
  • Reduces internal inflammation,
  • Removes bruises under the eyes.

According to experts, Hirudoid Forte gel should never be applied under the eyes.

General Information About Hirudoid Forte Gel

In addition to the points mentioned above within the scope of general information about Hirudoid Forte gel, we can also add a few information.

In general, people are wondering what the difference between Hirudoid Forte gel and cream is. There is actually no difference between cream and Hirudoid Forte gel. We can say that there are no significant differences especially in terms of content and substance. Gels are mostly used in deep bruises. We can say that the cream is used in superficial skin. It is also very curious whether Hirudoid Forte is used for nappy rash. It has no benefit for diaper rash. Therefore, we do not recommend you to use it.

It is a drug prescribed by a doctor to reduce bruises and swelling after nose surgeries. It is not correct to apply this cream to the varicose area. Do not apply this cream to healthy areas of the face. Apply Hirudoid Forte only on bumps and wounds on your face. If the wound has not healed completely, it is not correct to apply the gel to that area. “Hirudoid Forte gel passes wounds in how many days” We can explain the subject as follows: Hirudoid Forte cream shows its effect as of the day it is applied. After a period of 2 weeks, you can see that your wounds have healed. Hirudoid Forte skin; It looks vibrant and healthy.

Hirudoid Forte price can be paid by SGK depending on the doctor’s prescription. But when you go directly to the pharmacy without a prescription, you do not pay a lot of money. Hirudoid Forte gel; It is also very good for foot sprains. Apply it regularly to the sprained area. Your foot will regain its former health in a short time. “Is Hirudoid Forte gel used in infants”; You need to ask your doctor about it. Get information from the doctor before using this cream in children and babies. Never use Hirudoid Forte in hemeroide. Hirudoid Forte gel, as active ingredient; It consists of a chemical called chondoroitin polysulphate. In 100 grams of Hirudoid Forte gel, there is 445 mg of active substance. As mentioned above, never use this cream if you have an allergic constitution.

Which Problems Are Hiruodid Forte Involved in the Treatment of?

The drug used in this gel form is mostly used in the prevention of blood clotting, but it can also be used to eliminate various inflammations. When we look at the diseases for which it is generally prescribed; It is also a drug used in the treatment of superficial phlebitis that occurs in inflammations of vein origin.

The use of this drug comes to the fore in some haematoma diseases. This drug is used in the treatment of some disorders caused by the accumulation of blood leaking from the vein in the tissues. Apart from these diseases with haematoma, this drug also comes to the fore to eliminate blood clotting problems that occur without haematoma.

In some cases, this drug is used to prevent bruising on the skin in the impacted parts. It is also frequently used in the treatment of diseases, especially in the treatment of oedema. It is a drug that has pain-relieving effects during the elimination of bruises and injuries and during the elimination of bruises on the skin. It can be used with the doctor’s advice during the elimination of inflammation-related disorders.

When applied topically as a usage, it is possible to minimise pain and ache complaints in patients thanks to this drug used to eliminate bruises and bruises that occur in the area where it is applied. By applying locally, the treatment effect is revealed in the pain of the patients.

Is Hirudoid Gel Also Used For Acne?

This drug, whose general purpose of use is to prevent blood clotting, also has different usage areas. However, it is seen that acne does not disappear in a desired way during the use of this gel, which is a misunderstood situation. For this reason, the drug is not used in the elimination of acne.

In addition, you can get complete and precise information from your doctor about the extent to which it will be used in the treatment of which diseases. Especially in the supply phase of these services that meet the expectations of patients in recent years, you can easily benefit from these products. The product, which has been used frequently in our country recently, attracts attention as a part of a successful treatment.

How long does it take to remove bruises with Hirudoid?

It is seen that significant improvements occur on average within two weeks following the use of the product. In addition to these periods, skin improvement also occurs in a similar process. Its regular use is of great importance in the elimination of pain and the elimination of problems caused by various injuries.

Patients should not use this drug for purposes other than its intended use due to the issue of applying it to the eyes, which is one of the misunderstood issues. Again, due to the alcohol contained in its content, it is necessary to be careful during the use of this product and not to use it on open wounds. The drug, which has recently been used in many diseases, should be used with the advice of a doctor instead of being supplied individually.

Hirudoid Price

The price of the product is as important for patients as its use. This product, which is sold in many pharmacies, can be obtained at a more affordable price by prescription. Internet sites also attract attention during the supply of the product in question. However, not every website is reliable in this regard. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful during the product supply phase.


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