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Is Hametan Rubbed Under the Eyes?

Is Hametan Rubbed Under the Eyes?
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Those who will use Hametan are also wondering whether it can be applied under the eyes. For those who question whether Hametan can be applied under the eyes, it is possible to say that the cream can be used to relieve bruises and swelling under the eyes. However, the important factor to be considered here is that it should never come into direct contact with the eye. There is no side effect when applied under the eyelid and under the eye so that it does not come into contact with the eye. On the contrary, we can say that it will be effective in relieving the disturbing appearance such as bruising and swelling.

Where to Apply Hametan?

Hametan manages to be a preferred product for the solution of many problems with its active ingredient. One of the important issues for those who will use Hametan cream is where the cream will be applied. Where is Hametan applied? For those who want to learn, we can explain it as follows:

  • Used in diaper rash of infants and young children
  • 1.2 degree burns are used when there are burn problems, allowing burns to be treated
  • It is used for skin lesions caused by cuts and also scratches
  • It is a cream used for dry and cracked skin

It is ensured to have a more beautiful skin with Hametan, which you can safely use in the treatment of your problems in many regions.


Is Hametan Good for Sun Spots?

Those who will use Hametan are in search of solutions to many problems. Undoubtedly, one of them is sunspots that cause a shadow on beauty. Those who are uncomfortable with sunspots and want the spots to be removed, is Hametan good for sunspots? is entering into research. Because the cream offers solutions to many problems, it is thought to be able to give the same performance in terms of sun spots.

If you have sunspots that cause a bad image by covering the beauty on your skin, you can use Hametan. Because Hametan is a product that helps to pass many spots from acne and acne scars to sun scars. Although the main purpose of the cream is to pass burns, we can say that it has an effective feature in the treatment of burns as well as skin blemishes.

Is Hametan Cream Rubbed on the Lip?

Using the cream in the wrong way can be risky for health. Therefore, the instructions for use must be followed. What is especially important here is to know in which areas the cream is not objectionable to use. In the winter months, cracking and similar problems can occur predominantly on the lips. While experiencing such problems due to dryness in the lips, Hametan cream can be used to moisturize. You can use it because it is an ideal cream for lip cracks.

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