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Is Advantan Cream Rubbed on the Face?

Is Advantan Cream Rubbed on the Face?
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In addition to gaining a more beautiful appearance with skin care products used for people to look more beautiful, it is also possible to protect people’s skin health by using these creams. Some creams and medicines are known to everyone because their effects are adopted by a widespread audience.

One of these products is preferred as advantan cream. It is among the top choices of those looking for the best products about skin health. Thus, the use of the product is preferred by many people. In addition to these, the product in question should be given with the advice of a doctor. By using this cream, you can regain your skin beauty.

What is Advantan Pomade Cream?

The use of some skin care products is common among people. It is sufficient to use a small amount of product during the use of the product. Again, during the use of the product, qualified solutions that should be on and around the face of health problems are provided. It is not possible to benefit from the Advantan cream option during the elimination of the problems arising from acne. Because the cream itself is oily, it causes the emergence of new acne.

In case of use on the face, the cream should be kept on the face for a short time. Among the reasons for this is that it causes thinning of the face. People should not have skin diseases during the use of this product. Because, for example, if there are fungal diseases in the mouth or open wounds in the desired area, it is not possible to use the drug again.

Can Advantan Pomade be applied to the vagina?

Advantan cream should not be applied to the vagina. Since the product is cortisone, it is not possible to use it inside the vagina. In addition, a rapid healing of skin wounds occurs with the use of this recently preferred product due to the fact that patients should not cover these surfaces after the application of the cream to the area.

Apart from the vagina, it is also considered disadvantageous to apply this product to the internal parts of the body such as the mouth. This cream, which is an oily cream in terms of structure, is among the oils that are applied externally and give successful results when applied in small amounts. You can also apply these products easily.

Where to apply this product?

There are various body parts on which the product is applied. It is easily applied to large skin surfaces. For example in the treatment of various diseases; It can be applied comfortably in diseases such as acne rosacea. In addition, this product is not applied to the eyes and eye area. It is not recommended to apply to open wounds. Advantan cream is a product used in diseases such as dermatitis.

In the phase of use on the face, it can be applied for an average of one week. It is not recommended to use the product during laser epilation. It is also a product that is not applied to various areas due to discomfort such as bacteria and fungi. Treatment of open wounds is mostly provided during the use of the product. Apart from the treatment of open wounds, it is a product used in the treatment of the skin needed in certain areas.

Advantan Pomade Product Use in Eczema Treatment

This product, whose active ingredient is methylprednisolone, is mostly used in the treatment of eczema, an important skin disease. Again, problems such as swelling and swelling and redness or inflammation caused by swelling and various chemicals are tried to be eliminated with the use of this drug.

The product should be used completely under the supervision of a doctor. This product, which is used in diseases such as children’s eczema, red skin or dry crust, is a product used worldwide. In addition to eczema due to varicose veins in the legs, the use of this product is also seen in problems such as skin blistering due to nervous causes. It is a drug used in various skin diseases that are itchy.

Advantan Pomade and Properties

Advantan cream has components among its features. In addition to having a high amount of water, it is also a product with a small amount of oil. It is a product used mostly for oily skin and for open or hairy areas of the body. It contains various components other than water and oil that can cause allergies. Therefore, allergic problems may also occur.

Advantan cream is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Since it contains corticosteroids, the use of this drug is not recommended in patients with suspected pregnancy. Apart from these, it draws attention as a widely used product. It is a product that is widely sold on internet sites or pharmacies in our country.


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