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How to Vomit Comfortably? What Are the Most Comfortable Vomiting Methods?

How to Vomit Comfortably? What Are the Most Comfortable Vomiting Methods?
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Many living things can have a stomach for some reason and show vomiting in order to remove what is in their stomach. When people experience nausea, they take relief by deliberately throwing up their stomach. How to vomit voluntarily or how to vomit comfortably methods allow many people to make vomiting as comfortable as possible.

Generally, people who will show the act of vomiting can vomit by putting their fingers in their throat. And they vomit in this way, but you can solve the vomiting process more easily and with certain solution methods to vomit.

Comfortable Vomiting Methods

Nausea is a condition experienced by people in general due to health problems and during pregnancy in pregnant women. People who want to relieve their stomach by vomiting sometimes cannot vomit no matter what they do. There are some methods for what to do to vomit easily, but we do not recommend that you do these methods for pleasure or for the purpose of losing weight.

People can vomit easily when an object touches their throat. However, this object must not be a sharp object. Otherwise, you can cut and injure your throat with this method you use to vomit. You can try the following ways for comfortable vomiting methods:

  • People can install it without going too deep by taking their fingers to the tonsils. Putting a finger in the throat and vomiting is generally an easy and comfortable method of vomiting, people can vomit easily and feel relieved.
  • At the same time, as soon as you bring your hand to your throat psychologically to vomit, a vomit request will occur and you will be able to vomit easily.
  • You can vomit effortlessly by smelling something that smells bad or something that makes you sick, which is another way to vomit. It could be a perfume, it could be food, it could be garbage or anything else.
  • You can easily install it with the toothbrush method, for this you can vomit by rubbing the lice toothbrush on the back of your tongue. The toothbrush will stimulate your tongue and automatically show the act of vomiting.
  • You can induce vomiting with a mixture of mustard and water. Mustard can easily make you nauseous because it contains sodium. First of all, you can mix 1 teaspoon of mustard with 1 teaspoon of water and drink it. Of course, you may vomit while preparing to drink, so be alert.
  • You can vomit with hot salt water because salt water has a structure that can upset the balance of the body. You can vomit by preparing this mixture and trying to drink it. This method can be applied for those who say how to vomit with salt water.
  • You can vomit easily with the sugary coke that has run out of acid. The substances in the cola will react to make you vomit, so you can vomit easily.
  • You can use it with egg white mouthwash. For this, you can induce vomiting by circulating an egg white in your mouth.

How Can I Vomit to Lose Weight?

Vomiting covers the food in the stomach, which is in the human body and is generally thrown out due to stomach problems. Some people have the question of how to vomit to lose weight. The slimming method, which is mentioned as a weight loss method especially preferred by young girls, is quite harmful and unhealthy. People who force themselves to vomit in this way deteriorate their health and even lose their lives. Young girls want to lose weight by vomiting what they eat after a meal, but so the proteins, fats and calcium in their body are destroyed.

We recommend that you do not try to lose weight by vomiting because after a while your immune system will collapse and thus your body will be open to many diseases. You will constantly feel unconscious. If you make it a habit to vomit after eating, you lay the foundation for Bulimia nervosa. With this movement, which turns into an obsession for a while, your health is under great threat.

What Is Good For Vomiting?

If you have trouble with vomiting or want to relieve your stomach after vomiting, there are some methods you can do. The body feels very uncomfortable after the act of vomiting and becomes sluggish. Some of the things you can do for your stomach after vomiting are as follows:

  • If you take a shower with warm water after vomiting, this will relax you. At the same time, cleaning your nose will relax you.
  • After vomiting, your stomach will be completely empty, so you may feel hungry after a while, so you should definitely not eat heavy things and avoid excessive spices. You can consume 1 banana for this.
  • You get a bad taste in your stomach after vomiting, so you can brush your teeth, use mouthwash and chew mint gum if you’re feeling well.
  • After vomiting, the amount of water in your body decreases, so you can drink water provided that you do not overdo it.

What Causes Vomiting?

For many reasons, people can feel nauseous and have a tendency to vomit. In general, the cause of vomiting is due to illness, chills and stomach flu. People can vomit food and stomach bile that their stomach does not accept. Some people, when they realize that they have eaten something poisonous, look for situations such as how to vomit or how to clear my stomach. But the reason for vomiting can be for many reasons, these reasons are as follows:

  • Many diseases can cause vomiting. If you have many stomach diseases such as ulcer, reflux, gastritis and you do not pay attention to the nutritional rules, you may vomit.
  • It can be due to nervous and psychological reasons, people can take out what they eat when they experience depression, fatigue, anxiety. This situation is completely related to the brain.
  • Pregnant women know short in the first months of their pregnancy. This is not an unhealthy situation, on the contrary, it is the beginning of good news.
  • Winter diseases and stomach cold in general are the general problems of people who vomit. Drinking plenty of herbal tea during this period can both relax your stomach and prevent you from vomiting.
  • Food poisoning, vomiting and sweating are observed, and in such cases, the stomach wants to throw out toxic things. Especially expired foods are situations that upset people’s stomach.
  • The side effects of some drugs can cause nausea. It is normal for drugs such as anti-depressants to cause nausea, but if the drugs you use constantly trigger nausea too often, you should definitely see a doctor.
  • Along with the blows to the stomach area, people have stomachache for many reasons such as physical injury, traumas, sea, bus, and car sickness. If you have motion sickness such as bus, car or sea, you can take stomach medicine for it.
  • Eating heavy meals is a problem for many people. If you have consumed products such as too bitter, too oily or too spicy that disturb your stomach and you feel nauseous, it is probably related to the food you eat. For this, you can drink plenty of water or consume light teas that will suppress your stomach.

Foods Good for Vomiting

If you say what is good for vomiting, first of all, we can recommend your herbal teas that everyone uses. These herbal teas are chamomile tea and fennel tea. Together with the vitamins in it, they relax your stomach. Fennel tea helps you to expel the bad gas in the stomach and is a one-to-one application for your problems such as indigestion.

Chamomile tea, on the other hand, provides relief to your stomach with vitamins C, E and A. It is recommended to consume 1 glass every day, especially in winter, so that heartburn is prevented. At the same time, you can use yogurt, which is among the foods that are good for vomiting.


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