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How to Understand Finger Crush? What is good for finger crush?

How to Understand Finger Crush? What is good for finger crush?
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Fingers are our limbs that are most susceptible to damage. We can damage our fingers while doing a simple job or tapping something. This can sometimes be fracture, dislocation or crushing. This situation can happen mostly to people who are involved in sports. The arrival of the ball or the arrival of the bat for those involved in sports such as baseball can damage the finger. Finger crushing discomfort, especially in athletes, occurs quite easily and the pain can be very intense. This should be understood correctly and treated according to the discomfort. Otherwise, treatment may take a long time and reduce the quality of life of the person.

What is Finger Crush?

The tendons next to the joint that allow the finger to stand upright are called finger crush. In case of finger crush, the person experiences intense pain. Swelling and pain can be seen at the fingertip, and sometimes this person may have difficulty keeping his finger upright. Attention should be paid to the damage to the tissues in the finger and a specialist can be consulted to prevent it from getting worse. However, it is mostly treated on an outpatient basis.

What is the Difference Between Finger Crush and Fracture?

Finger crushing causes discomfort in such a way that the tendons are shaken and prevent the finger from standing upright. Swelling and redness may occur in this finger. Especially tenderness at the tip of the finger may suggest finger crushing. In finger fracture, it is a discomfort caused by fracture of the bone directly under the tissue. In this case, there is curvature, bruising and swelling in the finger. You should go to the hospital immediately and be intervened by doctors.

Is Plaster Wrapped for Finger Crush?

Plaster treatment is not usually applied for finger crushing. However, due to the injury of the tissues at the fingertip, the finger can be expected to heal in an upright position with the help of a wire. This is often necessary for the tissues in the finger to heal properly. However, in some cases, the discomfort may progress and disturb the person more. In these cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Is it necessary to use medication for finger crushing?

Doctors usually do not recommend medication for crushed fingers. However, in some exceptionally severe cases, doctors may recommend medication and this must be followed. Instead, the damaged finger can be healed with healthy and alternative methods that can be applied at home. The most important method to ensure the success of these methods is not to resort to unreasonable practices.

What is good for finger crushing?

The most important point when treating finger crush is to ensure that the tissues heal properly. The first method that can be used here will be a splint. Splint; It is a medical product that helps to keep the damaged areas of the body stable and heal more easily. Someone with a finger crush may need to use this tool. In addition, the finger should always be kept upright and high. It is absolutely necessary to keep the finger at a high level and not to cause tissue damage to increase.

Can I move my finger after a finger crush?

In cases of finger crushing as a result of impact, the finger should not be moved too much in order for the treatment to work successfully and in a short time. It is necessary to pay attention to its movements and not to do things that will force the finger. Otherwise, treatments are not effective and may need to continue for a longer period of time. Therefore, even if the finger is moved, reverse movements should be avoided.

Natural products used for finger crushing

There are natural products that can be used in the treatment of finger crushing. Especially products that will nourish muscle tissue and provide reinforcement to the joints should be preferred. Olive oil massage contributes significantly in this regard. In addition, consuming ginger is significantly good for finger crushing. Preparing ginger tea and consuming it twice a day will both accelerate the healing process and make a significant contribution to the pain in the finger. At the same time, ice compresses should be done regularly. The finger should be kept at a high level and the area with tissue damage should not be further damaged without bending downwards.

How Long Does Finger Crush Treatment Take?

The treatment of finger crush is not expected to last very long. However, in cases where some mishaps may occur, it may be necessary to continue treatment for longer than expected. In cases where the treatment needs to last longer, the splint may need to stay on for two or three months. However, if everything goes well, the splint is not expected to stay on the finger for too long. With regular treatment, it is possible to treat finger crushing in about two to three weeks.

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