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How to Shrink the Foot? What are Foot Reduction Methods?

How to Shrink the Foot? What are Foot Reduction Methods?
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How to shrink the foot? What are foot reduction methods? Is it anatomically possible for feet to shrink after a certain age? Or what is done to reduce foot size? Many questions such as this are generally a matter of great curiosity by people with large feet. These people generally have problems such as not finding their own foot size in the shoe model they want.

Is Foot Reduction Anatomically Possible?

Is it anatomically possible to shrink the foot? If you ask, we can say that such a thing will not be anatomically possible. There are also a number of doctors who argue that foot reduction is something that can vary from 15 years for men’s feet to 15 years for women. However, this situation is not something that can happen with simple methods that people will apply on their own.
If there is anything that makes foot reduction anatomically possible, it will be a number of medical operations. During this operation, the bone structure of the feet will be changed. Foot reduction surgery is performed in some private hospitals. As a result of this surgery, the foot can be reduced by 1 size.

How to Make Feet Look Small?

How does the foot look small? It is one of the most curious issues, especially for people with scalloped feet, on issues such as scalloped foot reduction. If you do not prefer to undergo any medical operation to reduce the foot, we can make the following recommendations;

  • Choosing shoes with high heels
  • The choice of shoe color is very important
  • The shoe model changes the appearance of the feet
  • The choice of clothing also affects whether the feet look big or small

If we explain the above-mentioned recommendations that we have listed in items about the small appearance of the feet, we can start with our first recommendation. People with larger feet than they should have should definitely choose shoes with heels.
People with large feet, for example, when they prefer to wear sandals, flat-soled shoes or low-heeled shoes, the feet will stand widely because the soles of the shoes will be low. The flat and splayed feet also make even normal or small-sized feet look larger than they are due to the model of the shoe. As such, the feet of someone who already has larger feet than normal will have a much wider and larger appearance.

Woman’s foot in bed

When you wear high heels, you will see that your leg length is also longer. And your feet look much more elegant and smaller. The reason for this is the way your feet stand. When your feet stand vertically rather than horizontally, they look extremely elegant. But besides this, the choice of heel of this shoe is also a matter of preference. In other words, how the heels of the shoes you should prefer to make your feet look small is also an issue that needs to be addressed separately. When you prefer shoes with thicker heels, the front part of the big feet does not pop out of the toe of the shoe as in thin heels. However, it also provides a much more comfortable use.
We mentioned that you should also pay attention to the shoe model to make your feet look small. If you wear a pointed or long heeled shoe, your feet will look much smaller than they are, even if you already have a small foot. At this point, we recommend that you always choose shoes with blunt and round toes.

If you have a goal to make your feet look smaller when choosing shoes, another important issue you should focus on in this regard will be the color of the shoes. If your shoes are in light tones and if they are patterned, we can say that you have already made a wrong choice from the very beginning. If your shoes are in black or dark tones, it helps your feet look much smaller. Do not say what role the dress has in making the feet look small. The model of the dress you choose also changes a lot about how your feet will look. If you are complaining that your feet are big, it is extremely important to consider what kind of choice you should make when choosing your clothes. For example, it would be better for someone with big feet to wear a skirt or pants that cover the feet instead of a mini skirt or mini shorts.

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