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How to Remove Gas After Caesarean Section?

How to Remove Gas After Caesarean Section?
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“How to remove gas after caesarean section” is one of the main problems of mothers who give birth by caesarean section.

Mothers who give birth by caesarean section may encounter a few problems. We can say that the problem of “if gas does not come out after caesarean section” is one of those problems. In order to find a solution to the gas problem caused by caesarean section, it is necessary to know what a caesarean section is in the first place. “What is caesarean section” we can answer exactly as follows: Some women’s health conditions are not suitable for normal birth. In such cases, surgical interventions may be required to ensure the birth of the baby. We call the situation in which both the uterus and the abdomen are incised and the baby is removed from the mother’s womb a caesarean section. After a caesarean section, the mother’s gas must come out. Doctors will never allow the mother to leave the hospital until she has passed gas.

Why does gas occur after caesarean section?

“Causes gas after caesarean section” every pregnant woman is investigating the issue. Especially when the mother expects to give birth normally, she may have to give birth by caesarean section due to circumstances beyond her control. Against the possibility of encountering such situations, many expectant mothers are searching for answers to the following questions shortly before birth: “Why does gas after caesarean section” or “how to remove gas after caesarean section” They are researching many questions such as.

Constipation and gas problems experienced after caesarean section prevent the mother from being discharged from the hospital immediately. After caesarean section, the mother’s intestines are removed. After the baby is removed from the womb, the intestines are put back in place. While the intestines are placed, air fills them. This causes gas formation. When the intestines are mixed during caesarean section, the mother encounters the problem of flatulence. Therefore, it is very important for the mother to pass gas after caesarean section. If the mother cannot pass gas until the day after the birth, she may face the problem of intestinal entanglement. In order to eliminate the problem of intestinal entanglement, the mother undergoes a small surgical operation. After the surgical operation, the gas problem of the mother will be solved.

Gas Expulsion Movements After Caesarean Section

Burping movements after caesarean section;

  • You should exercise regularly for 3 months after a caesarean section.
  • Try to stand up as soon as possible after the birth.
  • Take a slow walk.
  • Make sure to do relaxation and breathing movements while exercising.
  • Pay close attention to the incision marks where the surgery was performed.
  • At the beginning, do each of the exercises twice. Then gradually increase them.
  • Lie on your left side and bend your knees. In this way, you will both stop the progression of gas and relax.

It is also within the scope of burping exercises after caesarean section;

  • Breathing exercises,
  • Foot exercises,
  • You can support your back with pillows and do leg contraction exercises.

What should be done to pass gas after caesarean section?

“What should be done to pass gas after caesarean section” is very important. You can apply the methods we will list below to remove the gas that occurs after caesarean section. Here are those methods;

  • Consume cumin in your meals.
  • Follow exactly what your doctor says about degassing.
  • You can relax by consuming chamomile tea. For the mother who encounters gas problems after caesarean section, brew 1 glass of boiling water with 1 spoon of chamomile tea. The chamomile tea you have brewed will make the mother very comfortable. Two glasses of mother can drink daily.
  • You should consume a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.
  • You can consume pleasantries made from grapes or apricots due to both milk-forming and gas-removing properties.
  • Avoid gassy foods such as chickpeas or beans.
  • Consume fennel tea.
  • You can put a hot water bag on the sides of your abdomen, not where the stitches are.
  • Use hot water while taking a shower. Thanks to hot water, your stomach will be relaxed. Thus, you will easily remove the gas.

Why is it important to pass gas after caesarean section?

The topic “Why is it important to pass gas after a caesarean section” is related to the mother’s intestines. If the mother who has had a caesarean section cannot pass gas as mentioned above, she may experience intestinal entanglement. Whether the mother can pass gas or not is very important especially because of this issue. In order to discharge the mother after a caesarean section, the doctor waits for her to pass gas. The mother who cannot pass gas is checked by the doctor and if necessary, minor surgical intervention is applied to the mother.

After a caesarean section, the mother can’t stand up for 4 to 8 hours;

  • She cannot stand up,
  • If he/she cannot consume enough liquid and solid food,
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic lazy bowel,
  • If he/she cannot walk enough, he/she will have a problem with gas pains.

Passing gas after caesarean section, which is referred to as abdominal surgery, is very important within the scope of the issues mentioned above. The abdomens of women who give birth by caesarean section appear swollen. We can say that this situation is related to gas accumulation.

Under what conditions is caesarean section performed?

“There are some criteria that determine the conditions under which a caesarean section is performed. The large size of the baby leads doctors to perform caesarean section. The reasons for caesarean section are the reasons such as the baby standing upside down, the bone structure is not suitable for normal birth. Caesarean section is also recommended in multiple births such as developmental retardation in the baby and twins.

We can also add situations such as decreased fluid in the mother’s uterus, pregnancy with in vitro fertilisation treatment. At the same time, in genital situations that will cause distress to the baby, the doctor who will directly deliver the birth will direct the doctor to caesarean section.

How should the mother be fed after caesarean section?

“How should the mother be fed after caesarean section” is one of the most important ones. In order to cope with the problem of gas after caesarean section, the mother should definitely stay away from foods that cause gas in the first 3 months.

Drink plenty of water and consume calcium-rich dairy products. Vegetable dishes, fruit, fish, meat, meat, chicken, etc. should also consume many foods.






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