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How to Estimate the Sex of the Baby According to its Position in the Sac?

How to Estimate the Sex of the Baby According to its Position in the Sac?
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The first thing that mothers are curious about after they find out they are pregnant is undoubtedly their baby. Pregnancy, especially in the first weeks, is very intense and complicated. How is gender prediction based on the baby’s position in the sac? The gestational sac is the area where the baby develops during pregnancy. It appears as a black round layer inside the uterus. It is completely covered with amniotic fluid. The sac is generally round in shape. It is surrounded by the intrauterine layer.

The fact that the sac has a smooth border suggests a normal pregnancy. The gestational sac is not visible on ultrasound when pregnancy is detected. The gestational sac is only visible on ultrasound at the 5th week of pregnancy. The gestational sac is a formation where the baby is visualized.

When can you hear a baby’s heartbeat?

The most exciting moment of pregnancy for both mother and father is when they hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. When is the baby’s heartbeat heard? Expectant mothers are especially excited and impatient when the heartbeat is heard. However, it is very important that the expectant mother does not experience any stress related to her baby’s heartbeat. Stress on the part of the mother directly affects the baby, and in such a situation, the pregnancy can be adversely affected.

In pregnancy, the heartbeat can sometimes be heard at different weeks. Usually, the heartbeat can be heard at the 6th week of pregnancy, but in some pregnancies this can extend to the 7th week. With Doppler ultrasound applied to the mother, the baby’s heartbeat can be listened to comfortably. During pregnancy, it is possible to listen to the baby’s heartbeat most easily after the 8th week. In order to listen to the baby’s heartbeat at 5 weeks gestation, trans vaginal ultrasound should be performed. This method is mostly used in a risky pregnancy. However, the expectant mother should not be in a hurry in this case. If the baby’s heartbeat is not heard, there is a problem. In such a situation, the expectant mother should be examined in more detail.

Does an Ultrasound Examination Harm the Baby and the Mother?

During pregnancy, an ultrasound device is usually used to follow the development of the baby, to find out its sex, to hear the heartbeat and to monitor any problems that may occur in the baby. Therefore, expectant mothers should be examined with an ultrasound device at regular intervals. Does ultrasound examination harm the baby and the mother? Ultrasound does not have any effects that can threaten human health.

It is sufficient to follow the baby with an ultrasound device 6 or 7 times during pregnancy in order to learn both the health status and development of the baby. The only factor that may pose a risk related to ultrasound during pregnancy is the inability to recognize or understand the baby’s abnormalities during an examination by inexperienced people. To eliminate this risk, it is useful to be examined by a different doctor 1 time during pregnancy.

Why is Ultrasound Important in Pregnancy?

Tracking the baby’s development week by week is very important for both the mother and the father. Why is ultrasound important during pregnancy? When it comes to the question, the importance of ultrasound in pregnancy is as follows;

  • It is important to find out the sex of the baby.
  • Ultrasound can be used to find out if the baby dies in the womb or if there is an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound is used to calculate the estimated weight of the baby. As a result, it is decided with the mother whether she will have a caesarean section or a normal delivery.
  • It prevents late treatment for abnormal conditions noticed in the baby in early pregnancy.
  • Factors such as cysts or fibroids in the mother can be detected by ultrasound and the negative progress of the pregnancy is prevented.
  • The position of the baby and the way it arrives can be determined with the ultrasound device..



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