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How Many Days Does the Committee for Home Care Benefit Arrive?

How Many Days Does the Committee for Home Care Benefit Arrive?
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After the people who will provide home care to disabled people apply for home care salary, the delegation selected by Social Services comes to the house and makes an inspection, and when it is approved to be entitled to receive the salary as a result of the inspection, the approval of the home care salary is realized.

In this regard, how many days does the committee come for home care allowance? The question is among the most researched topics by people applying for home care pension. In this context, it is not clear exactly when the delegation will come to the home visit, and this process may extend up to several months within the scope of intensity.

For this reason, when will the home care committee come? It is not possible to give a clear time for those who ask. Home care salary is approved if a declaration is made that the conditions are met after the inspections carried out by the committee coming to the home, and people are entitled to receive this salary regularly.

How is a Social Services Home Check Conducted?

It is carried out by the committee members working within the Social Services and it is determined accordingly whether certain conditions can be met. In particular, the officers who will come to the house first demand that the person shown as a patient and caregiver be present at home and examine the place where the disabled person is hospitalized.

The delegation that comes to the home care salary home then keeps a report by asking a few questions about the income entering the house. If a signature is obtained from the applicant, salaries are deposited into Ziraat Bank accounts as a result of applications that are evaluated positively.

What is the Disability Rate to Apply for Home Care Assistance?

At this point, people with a disability rate of at least 50% and a medical board report with the phrase “severely disabled” marked as yes can apply for a salary for disabled care. In particular, children of the disabled person in need, including stepchildren, spouse, spouses of children, mother or father, grandchildren, spouses of grandchildren, siblings, spouses of siblings, spouses of siblings, children of siblings and spouses of siblings’ children can apply for disabled care allowance.

At this point, in fact, it is possible to apply for a disabled home care salary if people within the family members or people with a kinship relationship will care for the disabled person at home.

After the application to the Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services, the applications are notified to the Provincial Directorate in writing within 30 days and the home care salary of the persons is approved and deposited to Ziraat bank upon approval as a result of the evaluations made by the committee.


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