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Does Yogurt Stop Menstruation?

Does Yogurt Stop Menstruation?
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There is no scientific data that yogurt interrupts menstruation. Menstrual period is a cycle that women should have 1 in 28 days. Every healthy woman menstruates. This usually starts at puberty. Everyone’s experience of this process differs from each other. People’s menstruation process varies considerably from each other. In the period we call puberty, girls usually start menstruating after the age of 12, which is actually a sign that the childhood process ends and the youth process begins. Although young girls who enter this age usually see this as a cause of shame, it is very important for every healthy woman to experience this situation. Because this is a requirement of being a healthy individual.

Menstruation can be quite sensitive during this period, it would be right to act by thinking that this is not a disease. In this sense, do not change your daily routine. If possible, you can do sports with a lighter diet. This is a situation that will make you feel better.

Different claims are often made about the menstrual period. But many of these do not reflect the truth. There is no situation here that will reduce the normal quality of life of the person. Here, it may vary for menstruating women to overcome this process. While there is no decrease in the standard and quality of life of some people, the process is extremely painful in some people. Here, even if the person is going to use medication, it will be very important to take medication under the supervision of a doctor. The problem at this point is that some painkillers interrupt menstruation. In this sense, it will definitely not be right for the person to take medication without consulting his doctor.

The answer to your question whether yogurt interrupts menstruation will come out as no. There is no scientific explanation for the menstrual cessation of yogurt. Here, the person’s belief in this and not consuming yogurt only appears as superstition. It is necessary not to rely on such information. These are situations that we can only characterize as superstition.

How to Eat During Menstruation?

How to eat during menstruation? It is very important to eat healthy during this period, it will be valuable to eat more protein-based nutrition during this period. Especially consuming products such as fish and chicken will make the person feel better. It is necessary to drink plenty of water and drinking water will make the person feel more energetic. It will also prevent cramps that may occur in the stomach and cramps that will occur in the groin.

What should not be eaten during menstruation?

What should not be eaten during menstruation? It is very important to eat healthy during this period. It will be especially important for people not to consume alcohol and not to eat salty things because salt will cause edema in the body. Another process that should be done during this period will be very important not to use medication. The fruits and vegetables consumed in order for the person to feel better will be important here.

It is very important to eat a balanced diet during this period. It is necessary not to go out of the daily eating habits. Three main meals and two snacks can be eaten here. Walking at a light pace will make the person feel good. The person should eat a protein-based diet. During this period, there is a very strong desire for sweets and chocolate. However, satisfying these cravings without setting limits may cause weight problems in the person. At the same time, it will cause the person’s sugar to rise very quickly. It will be very healthy for people who have a sweet craving or, in other words, a sweet crisis to prefer this dessert as a milk dessert. Or if the person is having a chocolate crisis, dark chocolate can be provided. It would not be right to eat a whole package here. It can be consumed in a maximum of 30 gr.

The situation that should be avoided during menstruation is that the person’s body is very likely to hold edema during this period. Situations that will trigger this even more should be avoided. Salt should be consumed very little. And also pickles should be tried to be consumed less in pickled brine-style foods. This will cause even more edema in the person and will reduce the quality of life of the person.

You can look at your body by touching it with your finger to see if you have any swelling during menstruation. Here, when you press your finger, you will see a whiteness there. Drinking plenty of water is important for removing edema. You can also drink green tea. If you are experiencing a painful menstrual period, you can also use a hot water bottle.

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