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Does Diafuryl Stop Diarrhea? What Does Diafurly Do?

Does Diafuryl Stop Diarrhea? What Does Diafurly Do?
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Diafuryl is a medicine containing 100 millimolar nituforksazide. This medicine is sold in pharmacies in packs containing 12 capsules. Suspension forms are also available. Diafurlyl is a medicine used for the intestine. It is a kind of intestinal antiseptic. If the patient has diarrhea of bacterial origin, this drug can be used in addition to the elimination of water loss due to the disease and if the patient is constantly dehydrated.

Does Diafuryl Stop Diarrhea?

Does Diafuryl stop diarrhea It is used in the treatment of diarrhea of bacterial origin that develops in a short time. Do not use it without consulting your doctor if you have prolonged severe diarrhea, severe vomiting or refusal to eat, or if there is blood or mucus in the stool.

Is Diafuryl Good for Isahale?

Diafurlyl is good for diarrhea, cleanses the intestines locally, cures acute diarrhea of bacterial origin and is an effective drug in preventing water loss due to diarrhea. It regulates the intestines and restores its normal function. It prevents problems that may arise due to diarrhea. It also treats inflammation in the intestines.

What Does Diafurly Do?

What does Diafuryl do This medicine is used to treat diarrhea. Different doses are applied depending on the degree of water loss of the person who will use the drug, the severity of diarrhea disease or age. The active ingredient of the drug is nifudoxazide. Auxiliary substances include dried starch sugar magnesium citearate talc.

If you are allergic to any of these substances, you should inform your doctor and stop taking the medicine. Since the medicine is produced in capsule form, it is not recommended for use in children under 6 years of age. In children in this age group, the capsule can get stuck in the throat, which can have dangerous consequences. For children under 6 years of age with diarrhea, diafuryl suspension for pediatric use is recommended.

What is Diafurlyl Price?

What is diafuryl price diafuryl syrup 5 millim 200 millim 60 millim is available on the market as medicine. This medicine is classified as a generic medicine in the original generic 20-year classification.

How to use Diafuryl 100 mg?

How to use Diafuryl 100 mg Diafuryl is taken by mouth with plenty of fluids. Adults should take the medicine in the form of 2 capsules 4 times a day. Children over 6 years of age should take 2 capsules 3 times a day. However, these are the doses generally determined. Your doctor may recommend a different dose according to your situation. In children under 6 years of age, the suspension form of the drug is recommended.

If the patient has kidney and liver failure, the dose of the drug should be adjusted by the doctor. If the doctor advises you to use it, you can use the medicine in the prescribed doses. If you have forgotten to take a dose of the medicine during the day, you can take it as soon as you remember. However, if the time for the next dose is near, do not take the forgotten dose. Do not take consecutive doses at close intervals. Taking too many doses to make up for forgotten doses can harm your health.

What are the Side Effects of Diafuryl?

What are the side effects of Diafurlyl drug High side effects can be seen in people who are allergic to the substances of the drug. Therefore, people who are allergic to substances should not use this medicine. If swelling occurs in the hands, feet, wrists, face and lip areas during the use of Diafuryl drug, if there is difficulty in swallowing or breathing in the mouth or throat, if there is a serious swelling in these areas, you should immediately go to a health institution and get help. If you have a sudden hypersensitivity reaction after taking the medicine, this is a serious side effect and you should stop taking the medicine and inform your doctor immediately.

Apart from all these side effects, rash and hives may also occur. After 2 days of administration, if diarrhea persists, you should inform your doctor. If watery stools occur more than 6 times a day, if there is fever and vomiting despite the medication, if there is blood or mucous in the stool, go to the hospital immediately and request hospitalization.

What are the Points to Consider When Using Diafuryl?

Things to consider when taking diafuryl Take diafuryl fort medicine on time and in the required doses. You should take the medicine with plenty of water. Try to compensate for the fluid loss caused by diarrhea by drinking plenty of sugary and sugar-free drinks. You should drink at least 2 liters of water. Prevent weight loss by paying attention to your diet.

Avoid green leafy vegetables, raw vegetables, spicy foods and iced drinks. Try to eat grilled meat and rice. Avoid milk and dairy products. In fact, in consultation with your doctor, avoid all foods that may increase the severity of the disease.

What are the Uses of Diafurly?

What are the uses of diafuryl diafuryl tablet is a drug that can only be used with the advice of a doctor and accordingly diafon is widely used in acute diarrhea treatments as a field of use. Diafurly tablet is one of the drugs that provide the fastest recovery in severe diarrhea treatments of bacterial origin. Diafuryl tablet, which is a drug produced only for the intestines, also provides treatment as an intestinal antiseptic. It plays an effective role in eliminating the loss of water in the body caused by diarrhea.

Who Cannot Use Diafuryl?

Who can not use diafuryl diafurly tablet The use of some patients causes unwanted health problems. Therefore, people who should not use tablets are listed as follows;

  • Children under 6 months
  • People addicted to alcohol
  • People allergic to the drug
  • Women who are pregnant

    Diafurly treatment should not last more than seven days. Avoid prolonged use unless recommended by a doctor, as prolonged treatment may cause unwanted problems.

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