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Can you get pregnant with a spiral? Symptoms of Pregnancy with Spiral

Can you get pregnant with a spiral? Symptoms of Pregnancy with Spiral
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It is possible to get pregnant with a spiral. The spiral is known as an intrauterine device. This is a very commonly used birth control method. The spiral method can be used to prevent pregnancy. This method, which is used to prevent pregnancy, is a contraceptive method that is not used very often.

There are many different types of spiral. In terms of these types, it is divided into two as copper ones and hormone ones. Both of these types are aimed at the same thing, but the size of the two is different. Spiral insertion and removal is a very easy event. Pain or a problem is not experienced during the procedure. Therefore, it is a birth control method preferred by women.

How is the spiral inserted?

To get a spiral, you must first visit a gynaecologist. It is inserted into the cervix during an examination. Firstly, after cleaning with an antiseptic cloth, the depth of the uterus is measured. With this measurement, the surgical material is placed. In short, the procedure is completed in one or two minutes.

The problem here may cause some problems in patients with cervical stenosis. There may be some pain and the process may take a long time. Therefore, it varies from patient to patient.

When is the spiral inserted?

The spiral can be inserted at any time. Firstly, you must insert it during any period of your menstrual cycle. You need to make sure that you are not pregnant. Since the cervix dilates during menstruation, it is easier to insert a spiral.

Is there any harm of spiral?

The spiral is not harmful in any way. The problem here is the occurrence of infectious diseases. Therefore, if you suspect that there is an infection, you must first clean this infection and then have a spiral inserted.

Since the spiral is inserted during menstruation, some bleeding may occur. Therefore, it would be correct for people with iron deficiency or anaemia to have a blood test before having a spiral inserted.

Is there a chance of getting pregnant with a spiral?

Conception with a spiral is possible. No contraceptive can completely protect you from pregnancy, but the chances of getting pregnant are very low. Therefore, if you suspect that you are pregnant, you should have an ultrasound. It would be better for you to go to an ultrasound at 1, 3 and 6 months after the spiral is inserted.

When is the spiral removed?

To remove the spiral, you must first make sure that it is full. In addition, patients who suspect pregnancy can remove the spiral. The ideal time to remove the spiral is the menstrual period. It will be the best time for a patient to have a spiral inserted and removed during menstruation. The person who removes the spiral should also be a gynaecologist.

What to do if the rope of the spiral is broken?

If the cord is not visible or you suspect that it has broken, you should first visit a doctor. During the examination, an ultrasound will be used to check whether it is in the uterus. The spiral may also have escaped in the uterus. This is not a problem, but to correct this situation, the doctor finds and removes the spiral with special tools. Although this procedure scares you, it will not be a painful procedure. Some patients may have pain.

Therefore, the fact that you feel a problem or pain should not make you think that there is a problem, but if the ultrasound does not show a rope or there is no spiral, there are two possibilities. One is that the spiral may have fallen out with bleeding. Or secondly, it may have fallen out of the uterus without the patient realising. Here, you should not be frightened that it falls without you realising, this is an event that can happen to patients. If the spiral is stuck to the uterine wall, it is a bigger problem. It becomes difficult for the gynaecologist to remove it or the string may break. For this reason, the gynaecologist enters the uterus and looks where the thread is.

When we look at whether it is appropriate to use a spiral during pregnancy, you do not need to use it if you are someone who wants to become pregnant. If you use it during pregnancy, some problems may occur. These may also pose risks of early miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, removal is the best choice. The gynaecologist should perform the removal process as well as the spiral inserted by the gynaecologist.

Is there bleeding after removal of the spiral?

Some patients are likely to have bleeding after removal of the spiral. Not every patient will have the same bleeding. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of this possibility, as it may vary from patient to patient, but it is normal and natural to have a small amount of bleeding after removing the spiral.

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