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Can I Buy Papaverine Without a Prescription?

Can I Buy Papaverine Without a Prescription?
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Is Papaverine available without a prescription? The question is mostly investigated by men who experience erectile dysfunction in the penis. It is not possible to buy Papaverine, which is applied as an ampoule, without a prescription.

Basically, papaverine, which has muscle relaxant properties, is injected into the penis of men with erectile dysfunction in urology. Erectile dysfunction is among the most common problems experienced by men today, and this problem is often seen due to physiological and psychological factors, often due to nutrition or environmental factors.

Since there is impotence, especially in disorders such as aging or diabetes, people often eliminate this problem by using drugs such as papaverine. Where to buy papaverine ampoule? The question is among the most researched topics by many people and it is also a matter of curiosity whether online purchases are reliable.

At this point, since these prescription drugs must be applied to the penis by a specialist, they must be purchased from the pharmacy and applied by persons authorized to inject.

Otherwise, unexpected side effects and negative situations may occur as a result of counterfeit drug use or misapplication.

How to Inject Papaverine?

How is papaverine injected? The question is among the most curious and researched topics especially by men. The drug is administered into the penis with the help of a needle and the tip of the insulin needle is usually used. It should not be applied to the upper part where the vessels and nerves are located and the lower part where the urethra is located.

The needle must be inserted into the penis at a 90-degree angle, that is, vertically, and after the drug is administered into the penis, the needle must be removed and pressure must be applied to the insertion site for 1 minute.

In the comments of those who use papaverine injection, it is a very effective drug, especially when applied correctly. However, after the needle is shot, under normal conditions, hardening should begin within 10 to 15 minutes and hardening should be seen as my penis error after 30 minutes.

After 30 to 45 minutes after the erection is seen, the erection should disappear and the penis should soften. If this situation does not occur, people should definitely consult a urology doctor and have the problem treated as soon as possible. In case of delay in treatment, prolonged erection causes deterioration in the structures that provide hardening of the penis.

Thus, papaverine, which helps to provide a short-term erection, gives effective results when applied with the right methods and care should be taken not to exceed 45 minutes.


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