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Can a menstruating mother breastfeed?

Can a menstruating mother breastfeed?
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The onset of menstruation does not mean that a mother has to wean her baby. It is perfectly safe to breastfeed during menstruation. Can a menstruating mother breastfeed? There is absolutely no harm to both mother and baby. Breast milk is still the healthiest and most nutritious food for the baby. However, the change in hormones during the period leading up to the start of this process can affect both breast milk and the way the baby breastfeeds for a few days.

How Does Menstruation Affect Breastfeeding?

When menstruation starts again, there is no difference in breastfeeding. Even if there are some changes, the mother can continue to breastfeed her baby as she always has, without caring about anyone else. However, it is quite possible that this period can also affect some transformations. How does menstruation affect breastfeeding?

  • Breast tenderness
  • There may be a decrease in the amount of calcium in breast milk.
  • Changes in the taste of breast milk

As a result of the research, there are differences in the composition of milk in the peripheral parts of ovulation. There is an increase in sodium and chloride in the milk and a decrease in lactose as well as milk sugar and potassium. As a result, breast milk may become more salty or less sweet. At the same time, during ovulation and before it starts, there may be changes in estrogen and progesterone levels, which can have an effect on breast milk.

When estrogen and progesterone levels rise, the breasts may feel very full and tender. Higher levels of estrogen can also affect milk production. Research also shows that calcium levels decrease after ovulation. Low calcium levels can also cause sore nipples and a drop in milk.

First period after the baby is born

The first period can occur six weeks after the birth of the baby. If the mother is not breastfeeding, menstruation is usually possible within three months. In addition, the situation may vary for many people. Therefore, the time phase may vary from one woman to another. Breastfeeding can make the time of the menstrual period considerably longer. Even if she is breastfeeding at the same time, her period may start. In some situations, the onset of menstruation is more likely. The first period, especially after the baby is born, is as follows;

  • When the baby is not breastfed
  • When breastfed every two to three hours during the day
  • If breast milk is given only once
  • At the time when the baby no longer sleeps through the night
  • When the baby is transitioning to additional food
  • In time when the baby is weaned

What Should I Do to Prevent Menstruation While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding can delay the return of menstruation for months, years and longer. In general, this depends on the body’s constitution and how long you decide to breastfeed. What to do to prevent menstruation from starting while breastfeeding. Depending on the circumstances below, this time period may be a little longer.

  • Breastfeeding the baby exclusively
  • Breastfeeding the baby day and night
  • When the mother hugs the baby and is held close to her when they sleep together
  • When the formula is not supplemented with formula or formula
  • When it is avoided to start supplementary food until the baby is between four and six months old

The period is more likely to start again when the baby sleeps through the night or when the baby is weaned. In addition, some women may start menstruating within a few months after the breastfeeding period has ended completely. Pumping or expressing breast milk by hand usually has the same effect on the body as breastfeeding.



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