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About Us

bitkilab.com is a content platform that broadcasts in the categories of health, skin care, hair care and everything about women. bitkilab.com, which started its publication life on August 7, 2021 with its expert content editors, continues to work without breaking its line throughout its publication life. bitkilab.com, which aims to provide information to thousands of people daily with its content that mainly deals with topics such as women, skin care and health, is growing day by day with its publication policy.

bitkilab.com, which is in the infrastructure of efyuar, has made a name for itself as the most talked about women and health platform of recent times in social media and traditional media. Continuing to work with its young and dynamic team, bitkilab.com serves its readers with new content every day. bitkilab.com, which is formed by the combination of the words plant and laboratory, continues its publication life with its herbal and nature content. It is home to you, our valuable readers, with its short, understandable and content that does not deviate from its title.

You can use the info@bitkilab.com e-mail address for general information. You can use our contact page to contact us on other issues.